[2018] 100 Easy GK Questions for Class 8 to Class 12 Top Most Important GK 2018

100 Easy GK Questions for Class 8 to Class 12 in 2018

-:100 Easy GK Questions for Class 8 to Class 12 in 2018:-
Hello Readers. Today we have live this new post “100 Easy GK Questions for Class 8 to Class 12th Top Most Important GK 2018” on our blog. You can read the Top 100 Easy GK Questions for Class 8 to Class 12 Top Most Important GK 2018 and these are very important and level of Class 8-12th in country.

100 Easy GK Questions for Class 8 to Class 12 in 2018

100 Easy GK Questions for Class 8 to Class 12 in 2018

We have updated questions from previous most important current affairs 2017 in these 100 questions and also world geography, economy of world, finance and banking sector GK with some updated questions in this post. We have also mention questions about digitization in our country so we hope you will like these question answer for your study.
Lets start read these Best Top 100 GK Questions for Class 8-12 Top Most Important GK 2018 and increase the General Knowledge level.

100 Questions Answers for Class 8-12th Level

Question (1) The CPU and memory are located in the computer at where?
Answer: Motherboard.

Question (2) Name the factor is most directly related to the level of economic development of a country?
Answer: Urbanization.

Question (3) India joined the United Nation in which year?
Answer: 1945.

Question (4) FTP in computer means what?
Answer: File transfer protocol.

Question (5) Vast resources of un-utilised natural gas can be used in which type of production?
Answer: Fertilizers.

Question (6) Name the 21st Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India?
Answer: Achal Kumar Jyoti.

Question (7) 200 Solar-Powered ATMs commissioned by which bank in India?

Question (8) Ozone hole refers to what?
Answer: Decrease in thickness of ozone layer (in stratosphere).

Question (9) Which is hardest substance found on the Earth?
Answer: Diamond.

Question (10) ‘The Sundance Kid’ is the nickname of whom?
Answer: Jim Kiick (American football player).

Question (11) 18th Grand Slam title won by whom?
Answer: Roger Federer.

Question (12) When Good and Service Tax (GST) launched in India?
Answer: Since 1 July 2017.

Question (13) Name the metal pollute the air of a big cities?
Answer: Lead.

Question (14) Sputnik I was what in history?
Answer: World’s first artificial satellite.

Question (15) Raisina Dialogue (2nd) held at where?
Answer: New Delhi.

Question (16) Anti-Tank Missile ‘NAG’ was successfully test fired by DRDO at where?
Answer: Western sector of Rajasthan.

Question (17) Dubai Police in news headlines because of?
Answer: Recruited world’s first Robocop.

Question (18) The office of the prime minister of India is created by?
Answer: By the constitution.

Question (19) In 1969 how many banks were nationalized?
Answer: 14.

Question (20) What do you mean by ‘URL’ on internet?
Answer: Universal Resource Locator.

Question (21) Name the bank name which is the Banker to the Central Government?
Answer: Reserve Bank of India.

Question (22) CCTNS Project (Crime and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems) proposed by whom?
Answer: Union Home Ministry’s.

Question (23) What is the role of ROM in computer?
Answer: Its a permanent memory built into computer.

Question (24) ‘Digital Gold’ scheme first launched in India by whom?
Answer: ‘Paytm’ an Indian payment and commerce company.

Question (25) What is the deuterium oxide?
Answer: It is Heavy water.

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