My name is Harendra Singh Bisht and I am from Dehradun, INDIA.
I and my team are running this website since 2016 from Dehradun U.K.

‘GKQUESTIONBANK.COM’ domain was registered on as on 14th March 2016 and completed it’s 2 successful year in March 2018.

In present the hosting of ‘GKQUESTIONBANK.COM’ is located at since December 2017 when we switched from the ‘’ hosting services due to some technical reasons.

Now I want to sell this website to the interested buyer because I want to focus on my tech blogs business right now.

I didn’t make it available on Flippa or another online assets platforms due to there heavy commission so I want to sale it from my hand.

My Prices are Fixed as below:

  • For website, Price is 7,500 US-$.
  • For only Domain, Price is 6,500 US-$ only.

Let see the Traffic and another details of ‘gkquestionbank’.

Rank and Traffic Details of
World-Wide (On Average Basis)

  • Visitors Per Day = 1,800+
    Monthly Visitors = 55,+
  • Page Views Per Day = 4,600+
    Monthly Page Views = 1,40,000+
  • Rank on Alexa = 4,75,773 (as on 25th-April-2018).
  • Alexa Rank in India = 38,447 (as on 25th-April-2018).
  • Total Posts on site = 240.
  • Total Pages on site = 32.
  • Total Tags = 3,200.
  • Total Categories = 30.
  • Income Source = AdSense.
    (Average 85-115$/Month).
    You can also earn higher commissions by Affiliates programs like Amazon, Flipkart or Guest Blogging etc.

This is Just For an Example:


This Offer & Price Available Till 30th June, 2018.

Note: You can also do traffic research over INTERNET through hundreds of site analytics tools before taking any decision.

If you satisfied with the price then go to the link below where you can pay this amount to me at my PayPal address.

So contact me at this email address to know about action and process needed for acquiring ‘’.

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