UTTAR PRADESH GK:- Read the top GK about UTTAR PRADESH one of the biggest state in the India.

Below we have given the Top Most General Knowledge about the Indian State ‘UTTAR PRADESH’ in very simple English language. These GK Questions about the state UTTAR PRADESH are very easy to learn and important to all exams perspective.

These Questions were asked in some State Level Examinations many times in previous years like; Group C, UPSC, Railways Exams in the State UTTAR PRADESH.

So read these all important general knowledge questions answers about UTTAR PRADESH and increase your GK Level for next Competitive Exam.

  1. Question: Where is the ‘Bharat-Kala-Bhawan’ situated in Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Varanasi.
  2. Question: From which Constituencies, was ‘Smt. Sonia Gandhi’ elected?
    Answer– Amethi.
  3. Question: With whose help was the revolt at Avadh against the British Administration put down in 1857?
    Answer– Gorkha.
  4. Question: By which districts tribe is the ‘Shera Dance’ done in Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Lalitpur.
  5. Question: In which city of the State is ‘Pura Banaspati Birbal Sahani Institute’ situated?
    Answer– Lucknow.
  6. Question: Which is the longest canal of Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Sharda Canal.
  7. Question: In which city in the state is ‘sulehkul festival’, the symbol of Hindu Muslim unity organised?
    Answer– Agra.
  8. Question: Who was the first Lok-Ayukt of Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Vishambar Dayal.
  9. Question: How many districts are there in Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– 75 District.
  10. Question: When the ‘Yogi Adityanath’ became Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Since 26 March 2017.
  11. Question: Where is the ‘National Sugar Research Institute’ situated?
    Answer– Kanpur.
  12. Question: When was the Cinema corporation established in Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– 1975.
  13. Question: Where was the foundation of News Print Project laid in September 1989?
    Answer– Moradabad.
  14. Question: In which region is the ‘Bhotia tribe’ found in Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Hilly.

  1. Question: What is the state flower of the State of Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Bhrahm Kalash.
  2. Question: Which is the official language of Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Hindi.
  3. Question: Who was Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister in 28 October 2000 to 8 March 2002?
    Answer– Rajnath Singh.
  4. Question: How was Uttar Pradesh formerly known?
    Answer– United Provinces.
  5. Question: What is the percentage of total cultivated land of India in Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– 22.
  6. Question: What is the percentage of canal irrigation to the total irrigation in the State?
    Answer– 30.
  7. Question: Where is the oldest museum of the State situated?
    Answer– Lucknow.
  8. Question: How many members are there in the Assembly of Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– 404 (403 + 1 by Nominated).
  9. Question: In which district is Ayodhya, the birth place of Ram situated?
    Answer– Faizabad.
  10. Question: At which place is ‘Lathamar Holi’ organised every year during the Holi in the State?
    Answer– Barsana.
  11. Question: When was Agra Presidency separated from Bengal Presidency?
    Answer– 1833.
  12. Question: In which district of Uttar Pradesh has solar energy plant been started?
    Answer– Aligarh.
  13. Question: In which place of Uttar Pradesh is the production of Keshar done in Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Hilly area.
  14. Question: In which of place is wood carving done in the State?
    Answer– Saharanpur.
  15. Question: Which country is to the north of Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Nepal.
  16. Question: Which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– Lucknow.
  17. Question: In order to protect the wild life how many wild life sanctuaries have been established in Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer– 11.
  18. Question: In which year NOIDA (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) was set up?
    Answer– 17 April 1976.

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