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100+ World Top Rivers and Lakes Lists

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100+ World Top Rivers and Lakes Lists

Read 100+ World Top Rivers and Lakes Lists in this post below.

The world top 100 rivers and lakes name. Important top 100 list of rivers and lakes. Read and learn all of these GK and improve your GK skills. Get start here.

Place/Country Name River/Lake
India Ganga RIVER
India Yamuna RIVER
Toledo (USA) Erif LAKE
Buffalo (USA) Ontario LAKE
Asuncion (Paraguay) Paraguay RIVER
Belem (Brazil) Amazon RIVER
Cairo (Egypt) Nile RIVER
Colombo (Sri Lanka) Kelani RIVER
Kabul (Afghanistan) Kabul RIVER
Bucharest (Romania) Dimbovita RIVER
Cognac (France) Charente RIVER
Galafi (Romania) Danube RIVER
Galafi (Romania) Siret RIVER
Cambridge (U.K.) Cam RIVER
Oxford (U.K.) Thames RIVER
Panaji (Goa, India) Mandovi RIVER
Alexandria (Egypt) Nile RIVER
Khartoum (Sudan) Blue Nile RIVER
Khartoum (Sudan) White Nile RIVER
Omudurma (Sudan) Nile RIVER
Kisume (Kenya) Victoria LAKE
Kampala (Upanda) Victoria LAKE
Jinja (Upganda) Nile RIVER
Jinja (Upganda) Victoria LAKE
Lokoja (Nigeria) Niger RIVER
Lokoja (Nigeria) Benue RIVER
Vancouver (Canada) Fraser RIVER
Qyuebec (Canada) St. Lawrence RIVER
Hamiliton (Canada) Ontario LAKE
Arvida (Canada) Saguenay RIVER
Sarnia (Canada) Huron LAKE
Sudbury (Canada) Huron LAKE
Portland (USA) Columbia RIVER
Cleveland (USA) Erif LAKE
Gary (USA) Michigan LAKE
Milwaukee (USA) Michigan LAKE
Philadelphia (USA) Delaware RIVER
New York City (USA) Hudson RIVER
Baton Rouge (USA) Mississippi RIVER
Port Harcourt (Nigeria) Niger RIVER
Brazzavilie Zaire (Congo) RIVER
Kinshasa Zaire RIVER
Matadi Zaire RIVER
Boma Zaire RIVER
Kiruna (Sweden) Torne RIVER
Lisbon (Portugal) Douro RIVER
Paris (France) Seine RIVER
Bordeaux (France) Garrone RIVER
Lyons (France) Saone RIVER
Lyons (France) Rhone RIVER
Le Havre (France) Seine RIVER
Rouen (France) Seine RIVER
Rome (Italy) Tiber RIVER
Antwerp (Belgium) Scheldt RIVER
London (Britain) Thames RIVER
New Castle (U.K.) Tyne RIVER
Glasgow (U.K.) Clyde RIVER
Moscow (Russia) Moskva RIVER
Petrozavosk (Russia) Onega LAKE
Stalingrad (Russia) Volga RIVER
Krasnoyark (Russia) Yenisey RIVER
Bratsk (Russia) Angara RIVER
Irkutsk (Russia) Baikal LAKE
Nickopol (Ukraine) Dnieper RIVER
Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) Dnieper RIVER
Zaragoza (Spain) Ebro RIVER
Nantes (France) Loire RIVER
Saratov (Russia) Volga RIVER
Rostov (Russia) Don RIVER
Kiev (Ukraine) Dnieper RIVER
Vienna (Austria) Danube RIVER
Budapest Danube RIVER
Belgrade Danube RIVER
Dublin Liffey RIVER
Madrid Manzanares RIVER
Prague Vltava RIVER
Bratislava Danube RIVER
Dusseldorf (Germany) Rhine RIVER
Cologne (Germany) Rhine RIVER
Essen Ruhr RIVER
Wuppertal Wupper RIVER
Stuttgart Neckar RIVER
Washington (USA) Potomac RIVER
Perth (Australia) Swan RIVER
Freemantle (Australia) Swan RIVER
Sydney (Australia) Darling RIVER
Nanking (China) Yangtze Kiang RIVER
Hongkong (China) Canton RIVER
Macao (China) Pearl RIVER
Vientiane (Laos) Mekong RIVER
Vatican City Tiber RIVER
Berlin (Germany) Spree RIVER
Frankfurt (Germany) Rhine RIVER
Frankfurt (Germany) Main RIVER
Leipzig (Germany) Elbe RIVER
Dresden (Germany) Elbe RIVER
Bingen (Germany) Rhine RIVER
Hamburg (Germany) Elbe RIVER
Bremen (Germany) Weser RIVER
Krakow (Poland) Vistula RIVER
Mandalay (Myanmar) Irrawaddy RIVER
Chauk (Myanmar) Irrawaddy RIVER
Bangkok (Thailand) Chao Praya RIVER
Baghdad (Iraq) Tigris RIVER
Lahore (Pakistan) Ravi RIVER
Kathmandu (Nepal) Baghmati RIVER
Kathmandu (Nepal) Vishnuma RIVER

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