2017 Latest Most Important 100 General Knowledge Question Answer

2017 Latest Most Important 100 General Knowledge Question Answer

2017 Latest Most Important 100 General Knowledge Question Answer : In this post we have updated the most important questions answers around the world with latest current affairs questions and answers about many topics covered.
This 2017 Latest Most Important 100 General Knowledge Question Answer we make it for you to increase your gk level as well as increase your confidence level for any examinations.

We hope you will like these questions answers while doing preparations for exams and you will find this post very helpful.

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Question: (1) Currently who is the Chief Minister of Goa (State of India)?
Ans:- Manohar Parrikar (since March 14th, 2017).

Question: (2) Where is ‘Dudhsagar Waterfall’ in India?
Ans:- At border of the Indian state of Goa and Karnataka.

Question: (3) In the World Boxing Championships 2017, who won India its first medal?
Ans:- Gaurav Bidhuri.

Question: (4) Currently who is the Chief minister of Assam?
Ans:- Sarbananda Sonowal (Since 2016).

Question: (5) Who is the current President of Bharatiya Janata Party?
Ans:- Amit Shah (Indian politician from Gujarat).

Question: (6) What is the height of Siachen Glacier at eastern Karakoram range in the Himalaya Mountains?
Ans:- 5,400 Metre.

Question: (7) Who has been appointed as the new Secretary-General of Lok Sabha?
Ans:- Snehlata Shrivastava.

Question: (8) Recently US drop its most powerful non-nuclear bomb (MOAB – ‘Mother Of All Bombs’) at where?
Ans:- An ISIS positions in Afghanistan.

Question: (9) Which schemes launched for bhim app user by PM Narendra Modi on Apr 14, 2015, Ambedkar Jayanti?
Ans:- BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme and BHIM Merchant Cashback Scheme.

Question: (10) In 2017 which Space Agency sends 104 satellites in a single mission?
Ans:- ISRO.

Question: (11) What is India’s GDP growth rate in 2017-18?
Ans:- 7.4% (According to Asian Development Bank).

Question: (12) When cycling federation of India was established?
Ans:- 1946.

Question: (13) When the movie ‘Raees’ Released in India?
Ans:- 25 January 2017.

Question: (14) When India’s first cricket club was established?
Ans:- 1792 In Calcutta.

Question: (15) When India national football team was established?
Ans:- 1937.

Question: (16) Who is the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh (India State)?
Ans:- Pema Khandu (Since July 2016).

Question: (17) Which bank changed its names and IFSC code for its many branches?
Ans:- SBI.

Question: (18) What is the use of ‘India Quake’ App which is launched by Indian Government in 2017?
Ans:- For dissemination of earthquake parameters to the user community in timely manner for their safety.

Question: (19) Currently who is the Prime minister of Pakistan?
Ans:- ‘Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’ since August 2017.

Question: (20) What is the full form of ISI Pakistan and when it was established?
Ans:- Inter Services Intelligence (Established in 1948).

Question: (21) When Earth Day observed world wide in 2017?
Ans:- April 22, 2017.

Question: (22) India’s which state became the first state to set up the district family welfare?
Ans:- Tripura.

Question: (23) When Indian Cricket Team won second world cup?
Ans:- 2011.

Question: (24) When ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana’ was launched in India?
Ans:- 20th November 2016.

Question: (25) ‘Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana’ (PMYY), launched in India by whom?
Ans:- Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.


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