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Most Important GK Questions Answers For Government Examinations 2022

Government Jobs Competitive Exams Top 100 Latest GK Questions Answers In 2022

These GK QA is helpful for all competitive examinations including UPSC, SSC, States PCS, CLAT, Railways, NDA/CDS and all other such examinations where questions from GK are asked.

GKQUESTIONBANK 2022 Top 100 GK Questions
For Government Jobs Competitive Exams

Question (1) Who created Population theory?
Answer: Thomas Robert Malthus.

Question (2) In any set of numbers, the geometrical mean exists only when all numbers are?
Answer: Positive.

Question (3) Economists who introduced the notion of Human Capital are?
Answer: Schultz and Gary Becker.

Question (4) Dead weight loss is equal to?
Answer: Producer’s Surplus – Consumer’s Surplus.

Question (5) Marshallian approach is popularly known as?
Answer: Cardinal utility approach.

Question (6) The sign of country’s growth is?
Answer: Higher per capita income.

Question (7) If the total production in an economy is produced by a few big firms then this market is known as?
Answer: Oligopoly.

Question (8) From which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Fundamental Rights?
Answer: USA.

Question (9) From which country India Borrowed Written Constitution?
Answer: America (USA).

Question (10) From which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Supreme Court?
Answer: America (USA).

Question (11) In which amendment did the voting age is lowered form 21 to 18?
Answer: 61st amendment (1989).

Question (12) Which Article of the constitution empowers the Parliament to form a new state by altering the boundaries of existing states?
Answer: Article 3.

Question (13) Nagaland was created as a separate state in which year?
Answer: 1962.

Question (14) Which was the Article that provided special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir?
Answer: Article 370.

Question (15) From which country, Indian Constitution Borrowed Preamble?
Answer: America.

Question (16) Which article has banned employment of children below the of 14 in hazardous industries and factories?
Answer: Article 24.

Question (17) From which country the Indian Constitution Borrowed Amendment of the Constitution?
Answer: South Africa.

Question (18) Which amendment lead to the creation of Panchayat Raj in India?
Answer: 73th amendment (1992).

Question (19) What are the Cookies in web browsers?
Answer: Visited Websites saved information in the browsers.

Question (20) How many bytes are there in 1 kilobyte (KB)?
Answer: 1024 Bytes.

Question (21) 1 terabyte is made by how many gigabytes (GB)?
Answer: 1024 Gigabytes.

Question (22) What is the full form of CPU in Computer?
Answer: Central Processing Unit.

Question (23) What is the meaning of PSU in Computer?
Answer: Power supply unit.

Question (24) What is BIOS in any Computers and Laptops?
Answer: Basic Input/ Output System.

Question (25) What is the CMOS battery in computer?
Answer: Non-rechargeable small battery used in Motherboard.

Question (26) To close any open programme in the computer which 2 keys are combined used for it?
Answer: Alt+F4.

Question (27) What is the full form of GPU in the computer?
Answer: Graphics Processing Unit.

Question (28) What is Booting in the computer system?
Answer: Starting up the system by software command or hardware unit.

Question (29) What is about Processor in the computer system?
Answer: An Electronic Circuit to performs various operations in the system.

Question (30)  In the Ethernet which topology is used?
Answer:  Bus.

Question (31)  What do you mean by a URL?
Answer:  Uniform resource locator.

Question (32)  Which provides the facility of exchanging information between computing?
Answer:  Network.

Question (33)  Set of rules and regulations while working on internet, which term is used?
Answer:  Protocol.

Question (34)  Connection of network which can only be attached to is what?
Answer:  Intranet.

Question (35)  Generally which device is needed to communicate with computers using a telephone line?
Answer:  Modem.

Question (36)  What do if an email is received by an unknown person?
Answer:  It should be marked as spam and can be delete without opening email.

Question (37)  What does the PROTOCOL consists of?
Answer:  TCP/IP.

Question (38)  What do you mean by modem?
Answer:  This is the combined device for modulation and demodulation.

Question (39)  What is the most important or powerful computer in a network?
Answer:  Network Server.

Question (40)  One can access email from anywhere with the help of what?
Answer:  Web-mail interface.

Question (41)  What term is often used for an email account that includes a storage area of emails?
Answer:  Mailbox.

Question (42)  How many website are in internet at present?
Answer:  More then one billion.

Question (43)  What are the Facebook and Twitter?
Answer:  These are Social Media Sites, where people can share information and talks.

Question (44)  Connectivity is similar to what?
Answer:  Power cord.

Question (45) External command in DOS are?
Answer: Edit, sys, chkdsk.

Question (46) What is meant by a dedicated computer?
Answer: which is assigned to one and only one task.

Question (47) The ALU and control unit of most of the microcomputers are combined and manufacture on a single silicon chip. What is it called?
Answer: Microprocessor.

Question (48) The process of transferring files from a computer on the Internet to your computer is called?
Answer: Downloading.

Question (49) A person who uses his expertise to gain access to other people’s computers to get information illegally or to cause damage is a?
Answer: Hacker.

Question (50) Which insurance company in India is the joint venture between Aditya Birla Group and Canadian Sun Life Financial Inc?
Answer: Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited.

Question (51) When Sahara India Life Insurance Company Ltd (SILICL) got granted licence by the insurance regulator ‘IRDA’?
Answer: On 6th February 2004 by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

Question (52) IDBI Federal Life Insurance is the joint venture of how many companies?
Answer: IDBI Bank, Federal Bank and AGEAS (Belgian multinational insurance company).

Question (53) When was the IDBI Federal Life Insurance founded?
Answer: March 2008, Headquarters in Mumbai, India.

Question (54) When the Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance was founded?
Answer: In 12 March 2001, headquarter at Pune, India (Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is Private Limited company).

Question (55) Who is the MD & CEO at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance in present?
Answer: Tarun Chugh.

Question (56) When Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance received Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) certificate?
Answer: 3 August 2001.

Question (57) Which country has always remained free from foreign rule?
Answer: Nepal.

Question (58) Who is considered as the master of Greek comedy?
Answer: Aristophanes.

Question (59) Who is the first woman in space?
Answer: Valentina Tereshkova.

Question (60) What were the watchwords for French Revolution?
Answer: Liberty , Equality and Fraternity.

Question (61) The US President who was forced to resign due to the Watergate scandal was?
Answer: Nixon.

Question (62) In which country Aztec civilization was originated?
Answer: Mexico.

Question (63) When did the first Railway Train begin to carry passengers and freight?
Answer: 1830 AD.

Question (64) Which Battle marked the end of Napoleon era?
Answer: Waterloo.

Question (65) Which is considered as oldest civilization of the world?
Answer: Mesopotamian Civilization.

Question (66) Who started the Wahabi movement In India?
Answer: Syed Ahmed of Rai Bareilly.

Question (67) Name the year of battle of Balakot?
Answer: 1831.

Question (68) When Jyotiba Phule was died?
Answer: On 28 November, 1890.

Question (69) Who formed the Arya Mahila Samaj in Pune?
Answer: Ramabai Saraswati.

Question (70) Swami Vivekananda attended the World’s Parliament of Religions held at where?
Answer: 1893 in Chicago.

Question (71) When Annie Besant joined The Theosophical Society?
Answer: 21 May, 1889.

Question (72) Who was the founder of Brahma Samaj?
Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Question (73) Central Hindu School and College in Varanasi founded by whom?
Answer: Annie Besant.

Question (74) Raja Ram Mohan Roy was given the title ‘Raja’ by whom?
Answer: Mughals.

Question (75) In 1914 who started the Young Men’s Indian Association?
Answer: Annie Besant.

Question (76) When British Indian Association was founded in India?
Answer:  October 29, 1851.

Question (77) During the British Rule in India, when was a separate province consisting of Bihar and Orissa created?
Answer: 1911.

Question (78) Who made remarkable contribution to the development of Local government?
Answer: Lord Ripon.

Question (79) The land was owned by temples Known as what?
Answer: Dewaswam.

Question (80) Subsidiary Alliance was introduced by whom?
Answer: Lord Wellesley.

Question (81) Fakir-Sannyasi Resistance against the East India Company dominance at where?
Answer: Bengal.

Question (82)  Who was a judge of the Supreme Court founded the Asiatic society of Bengal in 1784 A.D.?
Answer: Sir William Jones.

Question (83) The Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act was?
Answer: 1856.

Question (84) In November 1781, Sir Eyre Coote defeated whom at Porto Nova?
Answer: Hyder Ali.

Question (85) The Treaty of Mangalore was in which year?
Answer: 1784.

Question (86) Seringapatnam was the capital of whom?
Answer: Tipu Sultan.

Question (87) Advaitha Deepika is the work of whom?
Answer: Shri Narayana Guru.

Question (88) The concept of Economic Planning in India is derived from?
Answer: Russia.

Question (89) Reserve bank of India was established on?
Answer: 1st April, 1935.

Question (90) Who was the father of Operation Flood?
Answer: Dr. Verghese Kurien.

Question (91) Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana started in?
Answer: 2000.

Question (92) First five year plan was based on?
Answer: Herold-Domar Model.

Question (93) What is the mainstay of Indian economy?
Answer: Agriculture.

Question (94) Who is the father of Indian Planning?
Answer: M. Visvesvaraya.

Question (95) Who is called the father of Operation Flood in India?
Answer: Verghese Kurien.

Question (96) Who is the first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission?
Answer: Gulsarilal Nanda.

Question (97) Which Five Year Plan is based on Harrod – Domer Model?
Answer: First Five Year Plan.

Question (98) The biggest contributor of foreign exchange reserve of India?
Answer: Foreign currency assets.

Question (99) Who is the Father of Indian Budget?
Answer: Mahalanobis.

Question (100) Which currency is included in the basket of International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently?
Answer: Yuan.

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