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3 Actual Reasons Why You Lose Marks In Exams

Actual Reasons Why You Lose Marks In Exams

These days, almost all students have access to any type of educational resource they need. The internet provides a plethora of content tailored for students from all walks of life. Videos and guides exist where various topics are explained in different languages. Resources such as question papers of previous year CBSE Exams, model papers, and textbooks are available at the students’ fingertips. But even then, students end up losing marks. Here’s our analysis of why and where students lose those marks.


A student might write down all relevant answers for every question in the exam, yet they wouldn’t score as many marks as they hoped to. The only reason behind this is the way students would have presented the answers. Presentation of these answers should be visually appealing to the evaluator and should incorporate elements like neatness, legibility, numbering, etc. Granted, all these factors might take up valuable time in an exam, but these will make a student stand out from the rest.

Time Management

Some students might attempt difficult questions first and then attempt easy answers. This is a very bad practice as the student will not have enough time to complete the whole paper. They should also keep an eye on the available time and plan accordingly. The best practice is to set a time limit for each particular question and try to stick with it as faithfully as possible. Another useful tip would be to practice long answers, essays and pre-plan their structure in advance. This makes it easier for the student to write them down without much effort during exams.

Grammar and Spelling

Facts and figures alone will not fetch complete marks. Grammar plays a very important role in awarding that last bit of marks for a question. Right usage of words is paramount in conveying the exact and intended meaning. For instance, the word “affect” is almost always used as a verb and “effect” is used as a noun. But students tend to wrongly interchange them because they sound almost the same. Similarly, some homophones also affect language. Words like “raise” –  “raze”, “dessert” – “desert” are used in wrong contexts, and as a result, it drastically changes the meaning of the sentence.

In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why students lose marks in their exams. Explore our detailed and comprehensive books to completely understand the CBSE Syllabus by visiting  our website. – mycbsestudy.in



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