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50 Easy GK Questions for Exams Preparation For 2020-21

50 Easy GK Questions for Exams Preparation

50 Easy GK Questions for Exams Preparation – In this post we have added 50 very easy and important GK questions answers. Its includes general knowledge about world and India also. These are most interesting questions answers which you should know.

Questions in this post are also very important for central and state level government examinations. So start learn and increase your GK Level.

Read 50 Easy General Knowledge Questions Answers.

Question (1) How many rings on the Olympic flag ?
Answer:- Five.

Question (2) King Zog ruled which country ?
Answer:- Albania.

Question (3) Who was the first man in space ?
Answer:- Yuri Gagarin.

Question (4) How many feet in a fathom ?
Answer:- Six.

Question (5) What in business terms is the IMF ?
Answer:- International Monetary Fund.

Question (6) Which country grows the most fruit ?
Answer:- China.

Question (7) Which car Company makes the Celica ?
Answer:- Toyota.

Question (8) Who discovered radium ?
Answer:- The Curies.

Question (9) Which part of the Human Body contains the most gold ?
Answer:- Toenails.

Question (10) What was the capital of Ethiopia ?
Answer:- Addis Ababa.

Question (11) What is the largest state in the USA ?
Answer:- Alaska.

Question (12) What flower is the symbol of secrecy ?
Answer:- Rose.

Question (13) In 1969 what category was added to the Nobel prizes ?
Answer:- Economics.

Question (14) What fish can hold objects in its tail ?
Answer:- Sea Horse.

Question (15) Which country grows the most potatoes ?
Answer:- Russia.

Question (16) Which European Country is divided into areas called Cantons ?
Answer:- Switzerland.

Question (17) Angel falls Venezuela Highest but where second Highest ?
Answer:- Yosemite USA.

Question (18) Who wrote Gentlemen Prefer Blonds ?
Answer:- Anita Loos.

Question (19) Which sea on Earth has no beaches ?
Answer:- Sargasso sea.

Question (20) What is the name of Captain Ahab’s ship ?
Answer:- Peaquod.

Question (21) On which national flag is there an eagle and a snake ?
Answer:- Mexico.

Question (22) What is the main ingredient of sauce Lyonnaise ?
Answer:- Onions.

Question (23) A pearmain is what type of fruit ?
Answer:- Apple.

Question (24) What are ceps morels and chantrelles ?
Answer:- Mushrooms.

Question (25) Who was the Roman god of agriculture ?
Answer:- Saturn.

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