GK Questions Important Question for SSC 2022

50 GK Questions and Answers Important for All Government Examinations

50 GK Questions and Answers Important for All Government Examinations

50 GK Questions and Answers Important for All Government Examinations – Here in this post we have mention the top 50 GK Questions for you. You can read these questions start from below and make good preparations for next upcoming government examinations. These questions answers are very important for railways, SSC, banks and others government examinations. These 50 GK Questions are also very helpful for class 8-12th students.

So read now these 50 GK Questions and Answers and increase your GK level.

Question (1) “Functional Finance” is associated with what?
Ans–   Abba ‘P’ Lerner.

Question (2) ‘Supply creates its own demand’ means?
Ans–   Supply is demand.

Question (3) NABARD is responsible for regulating and supervising the functions of?
Ans–   Co-operative Banks and Regional Rural Banks.

Question (4) Second Five year plan give priority to development of which sector?
Ans–   Industrial.

Question (5) Which Five Year Plan is based on Harrods-Domer Model?
Ans-   First Five Year Plan.

Question (6) Who created Population theory?
Ans-   Thomas Robert Malthus.

Question (7) Scientist who won Nobel prize for ‘Photo-electric effect’?
Ans-   Albert Einstein.

Question (8) In 1829 who convinced the British to outlaw Sati in India?
Ans-   Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Question (9) Who established a trading post in 1612 ?
Ans-   British and it was established in Gujarat.

Question (10) Who wrote ’A Study in Consciousness’ ?
Ans-   Annie Besant.

Question (11) When Annie Besant joined The Theosophical Society?
Ans-   21 May 1889.

Question (12) Who formed the ‘Arya Mahila Samaj’ in the Pune?
Ans-   Ramabai Saraswati.

Question (13) When ‘Vernacular Press Act’ was passed?
Ans-   1878.

Question (14) When ‘British Indian Association’ was founded in the India?
Ans-    October 29, 1851 at Calcutta.

Question (15) Which Planet is called as ‘gas giant’ planet?
Ans-   Jupiter.

Question (16) What are the name of Galilean moons (moons of Jupiter)?
Ans-   Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto.

Question (17) Astronomers found something in between the Mars and Jupiter. What is that?
Ans-   Asteroid Belt.

Question (18) Which two planets don’t have any natural satellites as scientist observed till now?
Ans-   Venus and Mercury.

Question (19) What is an astronomical units (AU)?
Ans-   This is the average distance between the Sun and Earth.

Question (20) Average distance of moon from earth is how much?
Ans-   About 3,84,400 km.

Question (21) By which the Biological signals are converted into electrical signal?
Ans-   Sensor.

Question (22) Bio-chemically significant enzymes are derived from?
Ans-   Microbes.

Question (23) Vaccines are substances that confer immunity against the?
Ans-   Specific diseases.

Question (24) The first experiment of Mendel considering the inheritance of a single trait is called as what?
Ans-   Mono-hybrid cross.

Question (25) Gene therapy is used to treat defects in what?
Ans-   Somatic cell.

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