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Abbreviation GK

Abbreviation GK

This post have most and important Abbreviation GK which mostly asked in the many of the top examinations in India.

Top 50 Abbreviations describe below:-

1.      SIM Subscriber identity module.
2.      AVI Audio video interleave
3.      JAD Java application descriptor
4.      VIRUS Vital information resource under siege
5.      3G 3rd Generation
6.      CDMA Code divison multiple
7.      UMTS Universal mobile telecommunication
8.      RTS Real time streaming
9.      JAR Java archive
10.  AMR Adaptive multi-rate codec
11.  3GP 3rd Generation project
12.  MP4 MPEG-4 video file
13.  AAC Advanced audio coding
14.  3GPP 3rd Generation partnership project
15.  JPEG Joint photographic expert group
16.  GIF Graphic interchangeable format
17.  BMP Bitmap
18.  WMA Window media audio
19.  WMV Window media video
20.  PDF Portable document format
21.  PNG Portable document format
22.  NTH Nokia theme
23.  M4A MPEG-4 audio file
24.  DOC Document “Microsoft corporation”
25.  DOS Disk operation system
26.  HTTP Hyper text transfer protocol
27.  CD Compact disk
28.  NRT Nokia ringtone
29.  DVX DivX video
30.  HTML Hyper text markup language
31.  DVD Digital versatile disk
32.  IP Internet protocol
33.  CRT Cathode ray tube
34.  WBMP Wireless bitmap image
35.  UMTS Universal mobile telecommunication
36.  JAR Java archive
37.  SENSEX Sensitivity index “of the share price”
38.  RADAR Radio detecting and ranging
39.  STD Subscriber trunk dialing
40.  MRF Madras rubber factory
41.  URL Uniform resource locator
42.  ICICI Industrial credit and investment corporation of India
43.  HDFC Housing development finance corporation
44.  IDBI Industrial development bank of India
45.  FBI Federal bureau of investigation
46.  LML Lohia machines limited
47.  RDX Research department explosive
48.  TOEFL Test of English as a foreign language
49.  OBC Other backward classes
50.  PSLV Polar satellite launch vehicle


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