April 2020 Top 100 Current Affairs Questions Answers

April 2020 Top 100 Current Affairs Questions Answers

April 2020 Top 100 Current Affairs Questions Answers

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Below we have given the APRIL 2020 TOP 100 CURRENT AFFAIRS QUESTIONS ANSWERS and questions in this post content latest current affairs of India and World including Coronavirus Related Latest Current Affairs April 2020.

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Question No (1) As per the IMF (International Monetary Fund) what is India’s growth rate in 2020?
Answer: 1.9%.

Question No (2) In India, which state has became the first state to start the Pool Testing of the coronavirus samples?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh.

Question No (3) Bat coronavirus (BtCoV) is a different kind of coronavirus found by the researchers of which medical research body in India?
Answer: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Question No (4) According to Union Home Ministry of India which app is “not safe” for private persons and entities for video-conferencing?
Answer: Zoom videoconferencing app.

Question No (5) In India how many categories considering number of COVID-19 cases to divide all districts across the country?
Answer: 3. They are Hotspots, Non-hotspots and Green zones.

Question No (6) Which space agency will launch its first crewed mission from US soil in almost 10 years on May 27, 2020?
Answer: NASA. Rocket and spacecraft were developed by private Aerospace company ‘SpaceX’.

Question No (7) In India, which state became 1st Zero Covid-19 state?
Answer: Goa.

Question No (8) First human trials of a potential COVID-19 vaccine started at where?
Answer: Oxford University, London.

Question No (9) Facebook announced the investment of Rs. 43,474 crores for 9.99% stake in which company in India?
Answer: Reliance Jio.

Question No (10) ‘2020 William E. Colby Award’ won by whom?
Answer: Adam Higginbotham for his book, “Midnight in Chernobyl: The Untold Story of the World’s Greatest Nuclear Disaster.”

Question No (11) 73rd foundation day of Himachal Pradesh celebrated on which date?
Answer: April 15, 2020.

Question No (12) Who took charge as the Executive Director (ED) of Union Bank of India?
Answer: Shri Birupaksha Mishra.

Question No (13) Under the PM-KISAN scheme, Government of India transferring Rs 16,000 crore directly into bank accounts of how many farmers?
Answer: 80 million farmers in country.

Question No (14) Harvest Festival of Punjab ‘Baisakhi’ celebrated on which date in the country?
Answer: April 14, 2020.

Question No (15) Birth anniversary of Dr.B R Ambedkar is known as which name in India?
Answer: Ambedkar Jayanti (celebrated on 14 April).

Question No (16) ‘2020 Asian Boxing Championship’ will be host by which country?
Answer: India in November-December 2020.

Question No (17) In India, which research organization to develop inactivated virus vaccine for COVID-19?
Answer: Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology or CCMB.

Question No (18) Which Mobile App launched in India to facilitate transportation of food grains?
Answer: ‘Kisan Rath’ Mobile App launched by Agriculture Ministry.

Question No (19) Which is first state in India to prohibited Door-to-door delivery of newspapers and magazines due to Coronavirus Pandemic?
Answer: Maharashtra.

Question No (20) ‘World liver day’ with the theme of ‘Love Your Liver and Live Longer’ celebrated on which date?
Answer: April 19, 2020.

Question No (21) British Formula One racing driver ‘Stirling Moss’ dies on which date?
Answer: 12 April 2020 at age 90.

Question No (22) “Young India Combating COVID with Knowledge, Technology and Innovation” or YUKTI launched by whom?
Answer: Union Minister for Human Resource Development Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal “Nishank.”

Question No (23) ‘Iceberg A68’ is the world’s biggest iceberg. It is at around 5,100 sq km size. On 23rd April, 2020 a 175 sq km piece was breaking off from this Iceberg A68 and called as A-68C. What is the size of this newly formed Iceberg?
Answer: 175 sq km.

Question No (24) Asteroid ‘1998 OR2’ passed relatively close to Earth on April 29, 2020. 998 OR2 passed at which distance from the Earth?
Answer: 4 million miles (6 million km).

Question No (25) On April 11, 2020 which country overtakes Italy with highest coronavirus deaths?
Answer: United States (till April 30, 2020 more then 61,400 people has been died in US).


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