August 2021 Most Important 100 Current Affairs Questions Answers

August 2021 Most Important 100 Current Affairs Questions Answers

August 2021 Most Important 100 Current Affairs Questions Answers

Welcome In ‘GKQUESTIONBANK.COM’. Post of Latest Month August 2021 Most Important 100 Current Affairs Questions Answers. We Have Concludes Every Field of World Current Affairs Related Topics In This Post. 2021 Competitive Examinations Perspective These Are Most Important Current Affairs Questions Answers of August 2021 Below. Read Them All and Increase Your GK Level For All Competitive Examinations In 2021 and 2022. You can also download our all current affairs of this year.

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Question No (1) 2021 PH27 is a near-Earth asteroid of which group?
Answer: Atira group.

Question No (2) Bangladesh given ordered the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) to ban which two internet games?
Answer: PubG and Freefire.

Question No (3) India’s first green hydrogen electrolyzer Giga-Factory has been launched at where?
Answer: At Bengaluru by the Ohmium International (US-based renewable energy start-up).

Question No (4) Chatbot ‘Urja’ developed by which organization in India?
Answer: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

Question No (5) La. Ganesan appointed as new governor of which state in India?
Answer: Manipur.

Question No (6) Naval exercise ‘Zair-Al-Bahr’ held between which two countries?
Answer: India and Qatar.

Question No (7) Largest floating solar PV project of 25 Megawatt on the reservoir of its Simhadri thermal station has been commissioned by whom?
Answer: NTPC Limited.

Question No (8) ‘T M Bhasin’ re-appointed as chairman of which board?
Answer: Advisory Board for Banking and Financial Frauds (ABBFF).

Question No (9) Shanti Lal Jain has been appointed as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of which bank?
Answer: Indian Bank.

Question No (10) Mirabai Chanu became new brand ambassador of which company in India?
Answer: Amway India.

Question No (11) ‘Exercise Konkan 2021’ took place between whom?
Answer: Indian Navy and United Kingdom.

Question No (12) To bring more transparency and accountability to the governance system, mobile application ‘PROOF’ launched by which state in India?
Answer: Jammu and Kashmir.

Question No (13) ‘Farmer Registration and Unified Beneficiary Information System’ (FRUITS) portal launched by whom?
Answer: Karnataka government.

Question No (14) ‘World Prediabetes Day-2021’ celebrated on?
Answer: 14th August.

Question No (15) A new advisory group named SAGO has been created by which organization?
Answer: World Health Organization.

Question No (16) What is the India’s energy independent country target?
Answer: 2047.

Question No (17) For the ambitious “Gati Shakti” project, Indian government announced what amount?
Answer: Rs 100 lakh crore.

Question No (18) ‘Operation Blue Freedom’ launched at where?
Answer: Siachen.

Question No (19) Where is the India’s first Drone Forensic Lab and Research Center?
Answer: Kerala.

Question No (20) Ujjwala 2.0 scheme launched in which country?
Answer: India.

Question No (21) Chandrayaan-2 detected __ molecules on Lunar Surface?
Answer: Water.

Question No (22) GISAT 1 is the GEO Imaging Satellite belongs to which space agency?
Answer: ISRO.

Question No (23) Deep Ocean Mission will be implemented till __?
Answer: 2026.

Question No (24) HCL became ___ most valuable India-centric information technology (IT) services company?
Answer: 4th.

Question No (25) Which country in the world has highest data consumption per person/ Month?
Answer: India.

Question No (26) ITBP has commissioned its first _____ in combat for the first time in India?
Answer: 2 women officers.

Question No (27) Which country won most medals in Tokyo Olympics 2020?
Answer: USA.

Question No (28) Neeraj Chopra won which Medal in the javelin throw event at Tokyo Olympics?
Answer: Gold Medal.

Question No (29) ‘International Cat Day 2021’ celebrated on which date?
Answer: On August 8, 2021.

Question No (30) Axis Bank crossed over __ customers on it’s WhatsApp banking channel?
Answer: 1 million.

Question No (31) Who sworn in as the new president of Iran?
Answer: Ebrahim Raisi since 3 August 2021.

Question No (32) Who sanctioned loans worth USD 112 million to finance the Urban Water supply Infrastructure Project in Jharkhand?
Answer: ADB.

Question No (33) Which team won their first-ever Bronze Olympic medal and defeated Germany in 41 years?
Answer: Indian men’s hockey team.

Question No (34) Who is first brand ambassador of HomeLane?
Answer: M S Dhoni.

Question No (35) First G20 Cultural Minister’s meeting held at where?
Answer: Italy.

Question No (36) Nikol Pashinyan re-appointed as the prime minister of which country?
Answer: Armenia.

Question No (37) Samagra Shiksha Scheme extended till?
Answer: 2026.

Question No (38) Who has been re-elected as leader of Hamas Islamist group?
Answer: Ismail Haniyeh.

Question No (39) Payment solution ‘e-RUPI’ launched by whom?
Answer: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Question No (40) A Video shopping app ‘Simsim’ buy by whom?
Answer: YouTube.

Question No (41) Who set new world record in women’s triple jump in Olympics 2021?
Answer: Yulimar Rojas from Venezuela.

Question No (42) India’s first Consortium for Virtual Reality has been launched by whom?
Answer: IIT Madras.

Question No (43) Lovlina Borgohain won __ Medal in Boxing at Tokyo Olympics 2020?
Answer: Bronze.

Question No (44) ‘Eutelsat Quantum’ launched into Space by whom?
Answer: European Space Agency.

Question No (45) “Leopard Diaries-the Rosette in India” authored by whom?
Answer: Sanjay Gubbi.

Question No (46) ‘V M Kanade’ appointed as the new Lokayukta of which Indian state?
Answer: Maharashtra.

Question No (47) Name the Indian wrestler won the Olympic wrestling bronze medal in 2021?
Answer: Bajrang Punia.

Question No (48) ‘International Day of the World’s Indigenous People’ observed on which date?
Answer: August 9.

Question No (49) Johnson and Johnson vaccine for Coronavirus belongs to which country?
Answer: United States.

Question No (50) Bilateral exercise ‘Zayed Talwar 2021’ held by which two countries?
Answer: India and UAE.

Question No (51) Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence in the IT sector announced by whom?
Answer: Maharashtra.

Question No (52) First case of the contagious Marburg virus confirmed by which country?
Answer: Guinea.

Question No (53) Which is first state in India to recognize the Community Forest Resource Rights in urban areas?
Answer: Chhattisgarh.

Question No (54) On the first Van Dhan Annual Awards 2020-21, Nagaland has been conferred with how many national awards?
Answer: Seven.

Question No (55) In the latest World Athletics Rankings, Indian Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra got rank at?
Answer: 2nd.

Question No (56) A “virginity tests” on the female cadets has been ended in which country?
Answer: Indonesia.

Question No (57) An e-crop survey initiative launched in which state?
Answer: Maharashtra.

Question No (58) ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day’ is to be celebrated on which date in India?
Answer: 14th August.

Question No (59) Which one is the India’s first EV-friendly highway?
Answer: Delhi-Chandigarh.

Question No (60) Three-child policy has been approved by which country to prevent a steep decline in the birth rate?
Answer: China.

Question No (61) Where is the India’s highest altitude herbal park?
Answer: Uttarakhand.

Question No (62) What is the new name of ‘Hisar Airport’ in Haryana?
Answer: Maharaja Agrasen International Airport.

Question No (63) Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh ‘Kalyan Singh’ died on which date?
Answer: 21 August 2021.

Question No (64) A Book titled- ‘Let’s Go Time Travelling Again’ written by whom?
Answer: Subhadra Sen Gupta.

Question No (65) BD Mishra assumed additional charge of Governor of which Indian state?
Answer: Mizoram.

Question No (66) ‘World Organ Donation Day 2021’ observed on which date?
Answer: August 13.

Question No (67) Who is the Union Home Secretary in India?
Answer: Ajay Kumar Bhalla.

Question No (68) Interest-free loan up to Rs 50,000 scheme to the street vendors has been launched in which state of India?
Answer: Rajasthan.

Question No (69) Which is first hospital in India to house a fire station inside the hospital premises?
Answer: AIIMS Delhi.

Question No (70) ‘Operation Langda’ launched in which state of India?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh.

Question No (71) ‘Ramrao: The Story of India’s Farm Crisis’ is a book authored by whom?
Answer: Jaideep Hardikar.

Question No (72) When the ‘World Photography Day 2021’ celebrated?
Answer: August 19.

Question No (73) World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) marked in which week?
Answer: August 1 – August 7, 2021.

Question No (74) Which is first Indian city to accomplish 100% COVID-19 vaccination?
Answer: Bhubaneswar.

Question No (75) ‘Hungarian Grand Prix 2021’ won by whom?
Answer: Esteban Ocon.

Question No (76) ‘Kakori Train Conspiracy’ renamed as ___ by Uttar Pradesh government?
Answer: Kakori Train Action.

Question No (77) ‘World Biofuel Day 2021’ celebrated on which date?
Answer: August 10.

Question No (78) “How the Earth Got Its Beauty” authored by whom?
Answer: Sudha Murty.

Question No (79) 130th Edition of Durand Cup Football Tournament will be played in which city?
Answer: Kolkata.

Question No (80) ‘Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhumihin Majdur Nyay Yojana’ launched in which state?
Answer: Chhattisgarh.

Question No (81) 2021 edition of the ‘World Athletics U20 Championships’ started at where?
Answer: In Kenya.

Question No (82) Where is the ‘Centre for Research and Innovation in Artificial Intelligence’ has been setup?
Answer: IIT-Hyderabad.

Question No (83) ‘COVID-19 Affected Livelihood Support Scheme’ launched by which state of India?
Answer: Manipur.

Question No (84) 79th Anniversary of the Quit India Movement has been celebrated on which date?
Answer: August 8, 2021.

Question No (85) 7th National Handloom Day observed on which date in 2021?
Answer: August 7.

Question No (86) Nagasaki day observed by Japan on which date?
Answer: August 9.

Question No (87) Bhutan Satellite ‘INS 2B’ will be launched by which space agency?
Answer: ISRO.

Question No (88 Who has approved amendments to GIBNA Act to facilitate the privatization of public sector general insurance firms in India?
Answer: Union Cabinet.

Question No (89) To revive the state’s economy which has been unstable due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Kerala government announced how much financial plan?
Answer: Rs 5,000 crore.

Question No (90) Which country became president of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for August 2021?
Answer: India.

Question No (91) How many new air traffic routes has approved by Indian Government under the UDAN regional air connectivity scheme?
Answer: 780.

Question No (92) Who has been selected for the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak National Award for 2021?
Answer: Cyrus Poonawalla.

Question No (93) In the Global Hunger Index, what is the rank of India?
Answer: 94.

Question No (94) TRIFED celebrated its __ foundation day on 6th August, 2021?
Answer: 34th.

Question No (95) What is the new name of ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award’?
Answer: Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award.

Question No (96) To safeguard the environment from climate change, HDFC announced the introduction of which programme?
Answer: Green & Sustainable Deposits.

Question No (97) India’s first smog tower launched at where?
Answer: Delhi.

Question No (98) ‘Mission Domination: An Unfinished Quest’ is the book authored by whom?
Answer: Boria Majumdar and Kushan Sarkar.

Question No (99) Indigenously developed Fatah-1 belongs to which country?
Answer: Pakistan.

Question No (100) ‘Panjshir Valley’ which is recently in news is located in which country?
Answer: Afghanistan.

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