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Australia GK Questions Answers in English

Best General Knowledge Questions Answers about Australia


Below Australia GK Questions Answers in English are belongs to Economy of Australia Questions/Geographical Condition of Australia/Historical Related Questions of Australia/Polity related questions of Australia/People and Population of Australia/Nature related questions of Australia/National related questions of Australia General Knowledge Topics.

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Question No (1) Australia Day is the official national day of Australia celebrated annually on which date?
: 26 January.

Question No (2) Melbourne was founded on which date by British?
Answer: 30 August 1835.

Question No (3) Before the 19th century what was the name of Australia?
Answer: New Holland.

Question No (4) Parliament House of Australia, construction was started on which year?
Answer: Started in 1981 and completed in 1988.

Question No (5) Where the Parliament House of Australia is located?
Answer: Canberra.

Question No (6) Launceston is a city in the north of Tasmania, Australia. When the city was founded?
Answer: Founded by Europeans in March 1806.

Question No (7) Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland and was founded on which date?
Answer: 13 May 1825.

Question No (8) What is the Human Development Index (HDI) of Australia according to 2017?
Answer: 0.939.

Question No (9) What is the Per Capita Income of Australia according to International Monetary Fund 2017 report?
Answer: 55,707 US-$.

Question No (10) Sydney is the largest city of which country?
Answer: Australia.

Question No (11) Which city is the sixth-largest city in Australia?
Answer: Gold Coast, Queensland.

Question No (12) Name the National Currency of Australia?
Answer: Australian dollar (AUD).

Question No (13) What is the primary securities exchange of Australia?
Answer: Australian Securities Exchange (located in Sydney, Australia).

Question No (14) According to Index of Economic Freedom (2017) what was the rank of Australia?
Answer: Fifth.

Question No (15) Which is the busiest airport in Australia?
Answer: Sydney Airport (at Sydney, New South Wales).


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