‘GKQUESTIONBANK.COM’ was registered on ‘Godaddy.com’ in 14th March 2016 and in present “GKQUESTIONBANK.COM” is hosted at ‘Hostgator.in’ with VPS Hosting Plan.

GKQUESTIONBANK is 4 Years Old Domain Since Registered at Godaddy in 14th March 2016

We are the team behind on GKQUESTIONBANK from Uttarakhand and running this educational website since March-2016.

Why we are selling this Domain?

Now we want to sell this website to the interested buyer because we have not full staff for ‘gkquestionbank‘ to manage and run this site with full growth. In the Coronavirus Pandemic times we are not able to post 1-5 article on this site regularly. So we want to welcome biggest educational companies and educational bloggers to come and acquire this high ranked domain to run the site which is already ranked in Google Search.

Here is the Search Console Screen-shoot taken in May 2020.

buy gkquestionbank rank on google

Term and Condition for acquiring this domain?

  • You can buy this domain for just 100K US$.
  • This is the Price for domain only. Content is free for all the time.
  • Domain will be transfer to your domain account & hosting account login details of this domain will be shared with you after successful payment.
  • At the time of purchase we will renew the domain for 1 year and VPS hosting plan for next 6 months.
  • FREE DOMAINS: We are happy to offering you free domains with this purchase. You will get these three domains sets “Free of Cost” at the time of purchase. These domains are: gkquestionbank.in, gkquestionsbank.com and gkquestionsbank.in
  • Payment methods are PayPal or NEFT.
  • Buying methods are Personal Meet or Online Chat.
  • Note: Due to the heavy commissions we didn’t put this domain in online asset selling sites like ‘Flippa’. But you have also option to request us, make this site available on our Flippa account for online transfer. In this scenario we will together pay there commission fee at 50-50 ratio.

So if you are interested and satisfied with our term and condition then Contact US at below Email Address. We will reply back you within one working day.

Email at: contact.gkquestionbank@gmail.com



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