CLAT 2018 GK: Know How to Prepare by Analyzing Last Years’ Trends

CLAT 2018 GK: Know How to Prepare by Analyzing Last Years’ Trends

CLAT is one of the top entrance examinations and is conducted for admission in a plethora of reputed law colleges of India. The most scoring section of this exam is GK & Current Affairs. If you prepare well for it, you will be able to secure good marks.

CLAT Previous Years’ Exam Analysis

To better understand the 2018 CLAT, let’s begin by understanding the previous few exam papers. If you are completely clueless about the pattern of the exam and the trend of questions asked, below we’ve discussed the previous few years’ papers in brief. Please go through the analysis carefully. In order to ace CLAT, a highly competitive law entrance examination, go through the following previous year trends.

CLAT 2016/2017:

In CLAT 2016, there were around 40 questions from current affairs and 10 from General Knowledge. Thus, it was concluded that current affairs had a greater weight age than static GK. The questions revolved around topics like politics, finance & economy, sports, social and legal affairs.

In CLAT 2017, more than 40 questions were asked from current affairs, which mainly focused on the events of first half of 2016. Only around 5 questions were from general knowledge

CLAT 2015:

In 2015, General Knowledge section of CLAT 2015 was easier as compared to the other sections. Around 40 questions were asked from current affairs and a few from general knowledge. Maximum number of questions was asked from the topics of politics and government and a few questions were asked from sports. A student with good knowledge of current affairs, or who kept themselves updated on news, would have had an easier time.

CLAT 2014:

GK section in CLAT 2014 was relatively easier when compared to GK section in CLAT 2013. The question paper was a mix of static general knowledge questions and current affairs with maximum number of questions. The maximum questions were asked from politics and government, also, there were questions from sports. History questions were less than 10 in number and were tough to answer. The rest of the section required in-depth knowledge of famous personalities, economy, and of various International Organizations.

CLAT 2013:

GK section of 2013 was at par with 2012 GK section. This year, the question paper was, as usual, consisted of more questions on current affairs. There was minimum number of questions from general science as compared to previous years. In addition to this, there were questions which were a bit tougher as far as the difficulty level is concerned. Rest of the questions were asked from knowledge of personalities, world days and international organizations.

Changes in CLAT General Knowledge Throughout the Years

Current Affairs and General Knowledge portion of CLAT has increased its number of questions steadily through the years. Every year, till 2013, the number of questions asked were below 30. The number increased to 40 in the year 2015. In 2017, an entire section was based on general knowledge and current affairs, save for one question.

The trend of increasing strength of GK based questions in the exams is likely to continue, not only for CLAT, but for other law entrance exams as well. Topics like International news, government &politics, business &economy, sports, science &technology, etc., should be given special attention, as they are of utmost importance.

What about CLAT 2018?

For CLAT 2018, students are advised to prepare for GK section from multiple sources, including newspapers, television and the internet. One also has to cover current affairs from early 2017.

Provided below are a few tricks and tips that will help you prepare better for GK Section.

Practice previous year CLAT papers

Students are advised to practice the previous year CLAT papers to better understand the CLAT pattern. It will also give a fair idea of the important topics related to GK. Additionally, it will help to curb the nervousness faced by students very often in exams.

Practice CLAT mock tests

Apart from the previous years’ question paper, you should also prepare from the mock tests. You will get the knowledge of various questions asked from diverse topics. CLAT mock tests will also give you a realistic environment to test your caliber.

Study from newspapers and magazines

Newspapers and magazines are the best source of information for current affairs, as they cover all the incidents in national and international domain. Students should incorporate a habit of going through newspapers and magazines as it will keep you updated with the latest news.

As is clearly evident in the above mention information, the conventional method of preparation for General Knowledge won’t be of much help. Reputed daily newspaper like ‘The Hindu’ will help you prepare the current affairs. Read the complete news instead of the headline as the questions are mostly based on the specific details of the event. With the above analysis and preparation tips, you are now better armed for CLAT 2018.


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