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Question: (1) What is the control unit’s function in the CPU of a computer?
(A) To store program instructions,

(B) To perform logical operations,
(C) To transfer data to primary storage,
(D) To decode program instructions
Ans: A

Question: (2) Who is father of modern computers ?
(A) Ratther ford,

(B) Gordon E. moore,
(C) Charles babbage,
(D) James gosling
Ans: C

Question: (3) Period of 1st generation computer-
(A) 1960-1970,

(B) 1940-1956,
(C) 1940-1958,
(D) 1950-1962
Ans: B

Question: (4) What is the extension of plain text file of computer ?
(A)  .text,

(B)  .txt,
(C)  .tt,
(D)  .tx
Ans: B

Question: (5) Information Communication Technology (ICT) involves primarily-
(A) Enrichment of existing knowledge,

(B) Storage and communication of information,
(C) Installation of equipment’s,
(D) Use of technology for teaching
Ans: B

Question: (6) Text in a column is generally aligned _ .
(A) Justified,

(B) Right,
(C) Centre,
(D) Left
Ans: D

Question: (7) Back up of the data files will help to prevent what?
(A) Loss of confidentiality,

(B) Duplication of data,
(C) Loss of data,
(D) Virus infection
Ans: C

Question: (8) The background of any Word document _ .
(A) Is always white color,

(B) Is the color you preset under the Option menu,
(C) Is always the same for the entire document,
(D) Can have any color you choose
Ans: D

Question: (9) GPS is a system that helps in locating positions with the help of-
(A) Microwaves,

(B) Satellites,
(C) Police intelligence,
(D) Wireless communication
Ans: B

Question: (10) The _ of software contains lists of commands and options.
(A) Menu bar,

(B) Toolbar,
(C) Title bar,
(D) Formula bar
Ans: A

Question: (11) A _ can make it easier to play games.
(A) Mouse,

(B) Joystick,
(C) Keyboard,
(D) Pen
Ans: B

Question: (12) What is a Virtual memory in computer?
(A) A type of memory used in super computers,

(B) An extremely large secondary memory,
(C) An illusion of extremely large main memory,
(D) An extremely large main memory
Ans: C

Question: (13) The fastest memory in a computer system is-
(A) ROM,

(B) RAM,
(C) Cache,
(D) Hard disk
Ans: C

Question: (14) Who has invented PHP ?
(A) Charles Babbage,

(B) IBM,
(C) Rasmus lerdorf,
(D) Intel corporation
Ans: C

Question: (15) The RAM memory located in which section of a computer?
(A) Expansion board,

(B) Motherboard,
(C) Storage device,
(D) Output device
Ans : B

Question: (16) The binary language consists of _ digit(s).
(A) 8

(B) 2
(C) 1,000
(D) 1
Ans : B

Question: (17) A _ is approximately one billion bytes.
(A) Kilobyte,

(B) Bit,
(C) Gigabyte,
(D) Megabyte
Ans : C

Question: (18) Which of the following doesn’t describe one or more characteristics of a computer ?
(A) External storage,

(B) Stored program,
(C) Electronic,
(D) Internet connectivity
Ans: A

Question: (19) RAM can be called as the _ of computer processor.
(A) Operating room,

(B) Waiting room,
(C) Planning room,
(D) None of these
Ans: A

Question: (20) Computer receive and send data into _ format.
(A) Modulated,

(B) Digital,
(C) Analog,
(D) De-modulated
Ans: B

Question: (21) Which-one is used for manufacturing chips ?
(A) Bus,

(B) Semiconductors,
(C) Control unit,
(D) Input device
Ans: B

Question: (22) A compact disc provides _ type of data access.
(A) Sequential,

(B) Direct,
(C) Both (A) and (B),
(D) None of these
Ans: C

Question: (23) All of the following are examples of input devices except a-
(A) Scanner,

(B) Mouse,
(C) Keyboard,
(D) Printer
Ans : D

Question: (24) A byte can hold one _ of data.
(A) Bit,

(B) Binary digit,
(C) Character,
(D) Kilobyte
Ans : C

Question: (25) A process known as _ is used by large retailers to study trends.
(A) Data mining,

(B) Data selection,
(C) POS,
(D) Data conversion
Ans : A

Question: (26) Computers process data into information by working exclusively with-
(A) Multimedia,

(B) Words,
(C) Characters,
(D) Numbers
Ans : D

Question: (27) _ is a type of processor architecture that utilize a small, highly optimized set of instructions.

Ans: B

Question: (28) ALU works on the instructions and data held in the-
(A) Note book,

(B) Copy pad,
(C) Registers,
(D) I/O devices
Ans: C

Question: (29) VLSI technology used in which generation computer ?
(A) First,

(B) Second,
(C) Third,
(D) Fourth
Ans: D

Question: (30) One of the input device in computer are-
(A) OS,

(B) Pen drive,
(C) Printer,
(D) Keyboard
Ans: D

Question: (31) Third generation computer history comes under which year?
(A) 1970 above,

(B) 1964-1975,
(C) 1990 above,
(D) 1950 above
Ans: B

Question: (32) Printers are measured in the-
(A) DPI,

(B) Scaling,
(C) Degrees,
(D) Inches
Ans: A

Question: (33) Which program can harmful to computer operation ?

(B) Virus,
(C) C-language,
(D) None of these
Ans: B

Question: (34) The _ is the administrative section of the computer system.
(A) Input unit,

(B) Memory unit,
(C) Output unit,
(D) Central processing unit
Ans: D

Question: (35) Yahoo was developed by-
(A) Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson,

(B) Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn,
(C) Steve Case and Jeff Bezos,
(D) David Filo and Jerry Yang
Ans: D

Question: (36) ALU stands for-
(A) American Logic Unit,

(B) Alternate Local Unit,
(C) Alternating Logic Unit,
(D) Arithmetic Logic Unit
Ans: D

Question: (37) Date and Time are available on the desktop at _ .
(A) Keyboard,

(B) Recycle Bin,
(C) My Computer,
(D) Task bar
Ans: D

Question: (38) Printed information, called , exists physically and is a more permanent form of output than that presented on a-display device.
(A) Soft copy,

(B) Carbon copy,
(C) Hard copy,
(D) Desk copy
Ans: C

Question: (39) What do you need to put your web pages on the www ?
(A) A connection to internet,

(B) A web browser,
(C) A web server,
(D) All of the above
Ans: D

Question: (40) Which is not online Indian Matrimonial website ?

Ans: D

Question: (41) The site that played a major role during the terrorist attack on Mumbai (26/11) in 2008 was-
(A) Orkut,

(B) Facebook,
(D) Twitter
Ans: A

Question: (42) What is the permanent memory built into your computer called ?
(A) RAM,

(B) ROM,
(C) CPU,
Ans: B

Question: (43) After a picture has been taken with a digital camera and processed appropriately, the actual print of the picture is considered-
(A) Data,

(B) Output,
(C) Input,
(D) The process
Ans : B

Question: (44) A string of eight 0’s and 1’s is called a-
(A) Megabyte,

(B) Byte,
(C) Kilobyte,
(D) Gigabyte
Ans : B

Question: (45) Which of the following is NOT one of the four major data processing functions of a computer ?
(A) Gathering data,

(B) Processing data into information,
(C) Analyzing the data or information,
(D) Storing the data or information
Ans :C

Question: (46) The improvement of computer hardware theory is summarized by law-
(A) Moore’s first law,

(B) Grove’s las,
(C) Metcalf’s law,
(D) Bill’s law
Ans: A

Question: (47) Query language comes under-
(A) Third generation,

(B) Fourth generation,
(C) Fifth generation,
(D) None of these
Ans: B

Question: (48) Various applications and documents are represented
on the Windows desktop by _ .
(A) Symbols,

(B) Labels,
(C) Graphs,
(D) Icons
Ans: D

Question: (49) The scientist who developed the idea of the WWW is-
(A) James Gosling,

(B) Tim Berns Lee,
(C) Andrew Tannenbaum,
(D) Linus Torvalds
Ans: B

Question: (50) The Institution set up by the Government of India to provide computer based information services to government departments is-
(A) C-DIT,

(C) NIC,
Ans: C

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