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Current Affairs 2020 For Class 6th to 10th In English

Current Affairs 2020 For Class 6th to 10th In English

Current Affairs 2020 For Class 6th to 10th In English

Welcome in GKQUESTIONBANK. If you are studying in schools (between class 6th to 10th standard) then this post current affairs questions answers will be very helpful for you because we have made these Current Affairs 2020 For Class 6th to 10th In English language and we hope these questions will be very interested to increase your Current Affairs Knowledge.

Question No (1) Indian Bollywood Film Actor ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’ died on which date in Mumbai?
Answer: 14 June 2020.

Question No (2) Which country recorded highest numbers of Coronavirus in the world?
Answer: United States (2 million Covid-19 cases as on June 10th, 2020).

Question No (3) Wuhan city is located in which province of China?
Answer: Hubei province.

Question No (4) International Missing Children’s Day was observed globally on which date since 2001?
Answer: May 25, 2020.

Question No (5) For employment of migrant labourers in the state, which state of India will set up a migration commission?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh.

Question No (6) Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) launched which book in collaboration with Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF) which discussed topics such as digital security, digital rights and digital laws?
Answer: ‘Cyber Security Handbook’.

Question No (7) World Bank’s appointed whom as it’s new Vice President and chief economist?
Answer: Carmen Reinhart.

Question No (8) In the United States (US) 14,32,265 people has been affected by Coronavirus and __ have been died till May 18, 2020?
Answer: 87,180 People died.

Question No (9) According to “Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker” what is the score of India?
Answer: 100th.

Question No (10) What is the full form of COVID-19?
AnswerCoronavirus Disease 2019.

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