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Current Affairs On Boeing Top 50 GK Latest GK Questions On Boeing

Current Affairs On Boeing Top 50 GK Latest GK Questions On Boeing

Read and Learn Most Important Current Affairs On Boeing Top 50 GK Latest GK Questions Answers in this Latest Post by GKQUESTIONBANK TEAM.

Question No (1) What Type of Aircraft is Boeing 737?
Answer: Short to medium range twin jet narrow body aircraft.

Question No (2) Which company made “Boeing 737” aircraft?
Answer: Boeing.

Question No (3) In which country the headquarter of Boeing is located?
Answer: USA.

Question No (4) Who is the founder of Boeing Company?
Answer: William Boeing.

Question No (5) When was Boeing company was established?
Answer: In 15 July 1916.

Question No (6) In United States where is the Boeing headquarter located?
Answer: Chicago.

Question No (7) When McDonnell Douglas was merge with Boeing?
Answer: 1 Aug 1997.

Question No (8) Who is the CEO of Boeing since 2015?
Answer: Dennis Muilenburg.

Question No (9) What are the five primary Divisions of Boeing?
Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA); Boeing Defence, Space & Security (BDS); Engineering, Operations & Technology; Boeing Capital; and Boeing Shared Services Group.

Question No (10) In which year Boeing made sale of $93.3 Billion?
Answer: In 2017.

Question No (11) When the first Airmail flight was flew?
Answer: On 1st July 1927.

Question No (12) When the Boeing 247 was introduced?
Answer: In 1933.

Question No (13) When the “Boeing 737-100” made its first Flight?
Answer: In 1967.

Question No (14) Which company took service of Boeing “737 100” first time in the world?
Answer: Lufthansa.

Question No (15) When the Boeing 737 NG was introduced in aviation industry?
Answer: 1990.

Question No (16) Which Commercial jetliner is the highest selling aircraft in the world?
Answer: 737 Series of Boeing.

Question No (17) When the 10,000th Aircraft was rolled out of 737?
Answer: 3 March 2018.

Question No (18) Where the assembly is performed of Boeing 737?
Answer: Boeing Renton Factory.

Question No (19) What is the floor space covered by Boeing Renton Factory?
Answer: 1.1 Million Square Feet.

Question No (20) Who presented the Boeing 737 in front of Air Transport Association?
Answer: Jack Steiner.

Question No (21) How many Aircraft was ordered by Lufthansa in 1965 to Boeing?
Answer: 21.

Question No (22) When the United Airline order Boeing 737?
Answer: In 1965.

Question No (23) When the Boeing 737 Max made its first commercial flight?
Answer: 2017.

Question No (24) Who is the first operator of Boeing 737 Max?
Answer: Indonesia airline.

Question No (25) Which Airline is the Second largest customer of Boeing?
Answer: Lion Air.

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