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Engineering, Medical, MBA- battle.

Nowadays unemployment is a big issue in many countries. Those countries who have a more significant population, in that countries youth are facing a lot of problem in search of a job. Especially in India and China are facing a lot of problems to create employment for the youth.
Government is unable to employ all the unemployed people. Can this unemployment be solved?

In ancient times the way of employment was agriculture and business or import and export. But now in the modern era, it has been changed. Before 30 years ago in an office, all things were done with paper and Pen. But, now all things are done in a computer system with internet connection. So, computers are used in both government sectors as well as private sectors.

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Will MBA lead the way in the Education sector? Will it surpass the position that engineering and medical takes in the country?

Getting back to the comparison and debate, many IT sector companies have been established and created a lot of employment for the engineering students, especially in IT sectors. It created a hope of jobs for the youth. But unfortunately, due to world economic crisis, IT sectors have been collapsed and stopped the hope of getting employment on a large scale.
Is this the outcome of the of the whole MBA revolution in India?

On the other hand, the first industrial revolution started in England and rapidly spread in European countries. After that gradually Asian country and other countries joined in this revolution. It created hope for many MBA students and engineering students. Now, in India, after 1947, many industries had been started with modern technologies. A lot of youth got their employment in these sectors. It created hope for the MBA students. So many MBA students did not want to lose this opportunity. But due to world economic crises and other internal dispute many industries are still struggling.
What is the solution to this?

In ancient times there were no modern technology and no vaccine for the disease. People depended on natural remedies only. But due to the blessings of science and technology medical science are at the top now. Many hospitals with qualified doctors and modern types of equipment are there in many hospitals, especially in metro cities. So, it created the hope for the youth to be employed. Nowadays many vaccine and medicines are available in medical stores. So, it gave the boost power for the pharma sectors also. Many students have a hope to be a pharmacist. Many pathology clinics are multiplying in our society. So it created a desire to be employed in pathology sectors.

From all the paragraphs mentioned above we got to know that medical sector is ahead of MBA and engineering sector.
In my personal opinion MBA sector is still doing well in a comparison to engineering sector. I hope I will be successful in this industry. India is a rising economy. So, I think I am in the right way.

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