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General Awareness Top 100 Questions With Answers

Hello ‘GKQUESTIONBANK’ Readers. Welcome in this new post on ‘General Awareness Top 100 Questions With Answers’ For 2022 Competitive Examinations in India.

In this large collection of most important General Awareness series we have given up to 100 Best Questions Answers for your examinations preparations. We hope these General Awareness Top 100 Questions Answers will boost your General Awareness about India, World, Science & Technology, History and Science, Computer Technology and Current Affairs in 2022.

“100 Questions Those Are Important For Competitive Examinations 2022”

All of these questions are Important for competitive examinations, Important GA Questions for SSC, Important GA Questions for SSC-CGL Exams, Important GA Questions for Group C Level, Important GA Questions for FCI, Important GA Questions for Defence Forces Exams and State level examinations 2022 in the country.

General Awareness Top 100 Questions With Answers

General Awareness Top 100 Questions With Answers

After got lot of reviews and feedback from our most of readers we made this post on ‘General Awareness Top 100 Questions With Answers‘. So let’s read-out all of these Top 100 General Awareness Questions Answers and Make Strong Your Knowledge Level for Any Competition in your Career Life.

Question No (1) ‘Kempegowda Festival’ was organized in which city?
Answer: Delhi.

Question No (2) Bank of Madras, Bank of Bombay and Bank of Calcutta, were merged to form which bank?
Answer: Imperial Bank of India (now SBI).

Question No (3) Which Airport is named as Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Airport?
Answer: Agra.

Question No (4) Satish Dhawan Space Center is a rocket launch center operated by whom?
Answer: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Question No (5) Asteroid Belt is located between which two planets?
Answer: Mars and Jupiter.

Question No (6) World’s first floating ATM set up by which bank?
Answer: State Bank of India (SBI).

Question No (7) Heavy Water Project (Talcher) and Fertilizer plant (Paradeep) are famous industries located in which state?
Answer: Orissa.

Question No (8) Astronaut in outer space observe sky as which color?
Answer: Black.

Question No (9) Who started ‘The Home Rule Movement’ in India against British?
Answer: Annie Besant and Tilak.

Question No (10) ‘Param 8000’ was the supercomputer developed by which country scientist?
Answer: Indian Scientists.

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