UPSC Questions for Practice

General Science Questions for Competitive Exams

General Science Questions for Competitive Exams

General Science Questions for Competitive Exams

General Science Questions for Competitive Exams

A Brief on Competitive Exams in India

The competitive examinations in India are regulated for the students who wish to seek admissions into various colleges for undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses. These examinations also help the aspiring candidates those who wish to get a job in the government sectors and civil services agencies of the Government body.
Every year lakhs of students attend these exams which are intended for the purpose of recruiting the right candidates for the right job and moreover, these are held for the public sectors or the civil service organizations. The main vision behind conducting these competitive exams is to select the suitable and meritorious students from each of the societies in India.
The competitive examinations in India are very tough and the candidates need to face a cut-throat competition as lakhs of candidates appear for about minimum number of seats. The different competitive examinations held are Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Railway Jobs, Banking Exams, Defence sector exams, etc.

Some of the other exams for acquiring admissions into colleges include
GATE- Graduate aptitude test in Engineering, GMAT Exam Graduate management admission test, GRE, CAT, etc. All these examinations are based on different syllabus, patterns and are conducted for the higher levels of education. The test subjects and formats differ accordingly with the levels of examinations. The objective tests which are followed by the personality tests and regulated in different centers and venues across India.

The exam paper consists of different sections like General aptitude, General knowledge or science, reasoning, etc. The General Science section in the competitive examinations consists of questions relating to the subjects such as physics, maths, chemistry, biology, etc. All the questions are in the form of MCQ’S or multiple choice questions.

The candidates have to thorough preparation of this subject before appearing for the examination. The students can refer to the previous year papers or even NCERT Books for reference purpose. It is very much important for a candidate to go through the question paper format or pattern of the examination so that it fetches an idea on the types of questions, asked in the exam.

Format or Pattern of General Science Questions In Competitive Exams

The General Science section is the huge part consisting of questions from various subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, etc. A sample paper showing the pattern and format of General Science questions which appear in the competitive examinations are as below-

  1. Which type of Laser is utilized in the Laser Printing or Laser Printers?
    a. Excimer Laser
    b. Semiconductor Laser
    c. Gas Laser
    d. Dye Laser
  2. Which non-metal among the following remains liquid at the room temperature?
    a. Bromine
    b. Phosphorous
    c. Helium
    d. Chlorine
  3. Which among the following organisms causes the disease Malaria?
    b. Bacterium
    c. Protozoan
    d. Virus
  4. The instrument which measures arterial blood pressure is called as-
    a. Hypsometer
    b. Pyknometer
    c. Sphygmomanometer
    d. Sphygmoscope
  5. Which among the following is used in the manufacturing of Pencils?
    a. Silicon
    b. Graphite
    c. Phosphorous
    d. Charcoal
  6. Which among the following are affected by the mouth and foot disease?
    a. Dogs
    b. Cats
    c. Cattle
    d. Poultry
  7. The disease called night blindness can be reduced by intake of Vitamin——?
    a. Vitamin B Complex
    b. Vitamin A
    c. Vitamin D
    d. Vitamin C
  8. Which among the Following is employed as a Lubricant?
    a. Silica
    b. Graphite
    c. Diamond
    d. Iron Oxide
  9. The range of audible sound is —–
    a. 20Hz – 20MHz
    b. 20kHz – 20 MHz
    c. 20Hz – 20kHz
    d. 20Hz – 2000Hz
  10. Are vaccines——?
    a. Treated virus or bacteria or one of the proteins
    b. Same as the monoclonal type of antibodies
    c. Strands of the nucleic acid
    d. Form of MHC protein.

The sample papers relating to the general Science not only improve your IQ but also helps to score good marks in the upcoming competitive examinations. Most of the questions which are provided in the previous year papers and sample question papers are known to repeat also in the upcoming competitive exams in most of the cases.

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