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Geography Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know In 2021

Geography Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know In 2021

Geography Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know In 2021

Hello GKQUESTIONBANK Readers. In this post you can learn about World Geography Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know In 2021. So let’s read Geography Related GK Questions Answers and Increase Your GK Level.

Geography Related GK For 2021

Question No (1) Denali mountain is third most isolated peak on Earth. It is located at where?
Answer: Alaska.

Question No (2) Mount Kilimanjaro is located in which country of East Africa?
Answer: Tanzania.

Question No (3) Lake Titicaca in the Andes Mountains is South America’s largest lakes. This Lake is between which two countries?
Answer: Peru and Bolivia.

Question No (4) Lake Urmia is located in Iran. Basically which type of this lake is?
Answer: Sale Lake.

Question No (5) In which continent the largest desert of the world?
Answer: Antarctic desert.

Question No (6) Netherlands country comes under which continent on the Earth?
Answer: Europe.

Question No (7) Sakurajima is an active stratovolcano located in which country?
Answer: Japan.

Question No (8) Active Stratovolcano ‘Cotopaxi’ located in which country?
Answer: Ecuador.

Question No (9) ‘Irish Sea’ separates islands of Ireland from which country?
Answer: Great Britain.

Question No (10) What is the area of Chukchi Sea is also known as Sea of Chukotsk?
Answer: 225,000 square miles (according to britannica.com).

Question No (11) Polar Bears found in Antarctica. Is this true?
Answer: No. They found in Arctic Circle.

Question No (12) Giant panda found in which country of Asia?
Answer: Giant Panda.

Question No (13) ‘Fingal’s Cave’ is a type of Sea Cave in which country?
Answer: Scotland.

Question No (14) ‘Good Luck Cave’ is located in which country?
Answer: Malaysia.

Question No (15) Mixed farming involves the growing of crops and rearing of animals. This types of farming generally found in which region?
Answer: Europe countries.

Question No (16) In which countries the Dairy Farming is highly developed?
Answer: Sweden and Denmark.

Question No (17) Steel melting factories, Coal fire power plant, Nuclear power and electric power plants and Crude Oil Refineries usually generate which types of pollution on Earth?
Answer: Thermal pollution.

Question No (18) Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster (caused by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami) was a nuclear accident on which date?
Answer: 11 March 2011.

Question No (19) Which Salt Mine is world largest salt mine?
Answer: Sifto Salt Mines in Canada.

Question No (20) Which mine is deepest open-pit mine in the world?
Answer: Bingham Canyon Mine in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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