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GK Questions for Class 10 Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

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GK Questions for Class 10 Questions Answers

GK Questions for Class 10 Questions Answers

GK Questions for Class 10 Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

Read Below GK Questions for Class 10 Questions Answers. These Are Important General Knowledge Questions Answers For Class 10 in 2021. These Are Best Important GK Question For Tenth Class. Top 10th Class GK Questions Answers.

These Questions Answers of General Knowledge (GK) is for class 10th Students and we hope these GK Questions will be improve all students General Knowledge. You can also take part in 100 Questions Class 10th GK Quiz Here.

Read Now GK Questions for Class 10 Questions Answers

Question No (1) Sutlej River is also known as which name?
Answer: Satadree.

Question No (2) Mount Kailash (height of 6,638 m) is located in which country?
Answer: China.

Question No (3) European Space Agency (ESA) headquarters is located in Paris? When ESA was Established in Paris?
Answer: 30 May 1975.

Question No (4) French Guiana comes under which region?
Answer: Region of France.

Question No (5) Jorhat is a city in which state of India?
Answer: Assam.

Question No (6) Tehri Dam is the highest dam in India and is located on which river?
Answer: Bhagirathi River.

Question No (7) Paytm provides which services?
Answer: Online recharge and E-Wallet Payment.

Question No (8) Where is the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) head office?
Answer: Meyrin, Switzerland.

Question No (9) World Wide Web (www) was invented in which year?
Answer: 1989.

Question No (10) How many countries are in the world?
Answer: 195 countries.

Question No (11) Who is the Amartya Sen in India?
Answer: Indian Economist.

Question No (12) Nirmala Sitharaman became the Defence Minister of India on which date?
Answer: 3 September 2017.

Question No (13) Bharatiya Janata Party or BJP (in India) was founded on which date?
Answer: 6 April 1980.

Question No (14) What was the previous name of the official home of the President of India ‘Rashtrapati Bhavan’?
Answer: “Viceroy’s House”.

Question No (15) What is the Chemical formula of baking soda?
Answer: NaHCO3.

Question No (16) ‘Mecca’ city is in which region of Saudi Arabia?
Answer: Hejazi Region.

Question No (17) When Ajmer State was merged into Rajasthan?
Answer: 1 November 1956.

Question No (18) Communist Party of India was founded by which year?
Answer: 1925.

Question No (19) Battles of Tarain was fought in which years?
Answer: First Battle – 1191 and Second battle – 1192.

Question No (20) What is PHP in Programming?
Answer: General Purpose Programming Language.

Question No (21) What is the only bird, which flows backwards?
Answer: Hummingbird.

Question No (22) Where is the Central Arid Zone Research Institute located in India?
Answer: Jodhpur.

Question No (23) 105-story, 330-metre-tall ‘Ryugyong Hotel’ is located in which country?
Answer: North Korea.

Question No (24) During which movement did the spinning wheel be shown in the flag?
Answer: During non-cooperation movement.

Question No (25) How many basic duties were explained in the 42nd Constitution Amendment?
Answer: 10.

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