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GK Questions for Class 11 Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

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GK Questions for Class 11 Questions Answers

GK Questions for Class 11 Questions Answers

GK Questions for Class 11 Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

Read Below GK Questions for Class 11 Questions Answers. Most Important General Knowledge For Class 11 in 2021. These Are Best Important GK Question For Eleventh Class. 2021 Top 11th Class GK Questions Answers.

These Questions Answers of General Knowledge (GK) is for class 11th Students and we hope these GK Questions will be improve all students General Knowledge Level.

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Read Now GK Questions for Class 11 Questions Answers

Question No (1) The Fan Machine was invented by whom?
Answer: Schuyler Skaats Wheeler.

Question No (2) Modern current electricity supply system inventor ‘Nikola Tesla’ was born on which date?
Answer: 10 July 1856.

Question No (3) X Research and development company is subsidiary of which corporation?
Answer: Alphabet Inc.

Question No (4) When ‘Azad Hind’ the Provisional Government of Free India was founded?
Answer: 1943.

Question No (5) What do you know about FedEx?
Answer: World’s second biggest package-shipper company.

Question No (6) Rajahmundry is a city in which state of India?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh.

Question No (7) ‘For the Benefit of All’ is the slogan of which space agency in the world?
Answer: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Question No (8) What is the official website of NASA?
Answer: nasa.gov

Question No (9) Where is the headquarters of the European Space Agency?
Answer: In Paris.

Question No (10) Indian economist and philosopher ‘Amartya Sen’ got Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in which year?
Answer: 1998.

Question No (11) ‘Matter cannot be created or destroyed’ statement is validates by which rules?
Answer: Rule of Energy Conservation.

Question No (12) ‘Law Of Floating’ principle was discovered by whom?
Answer: Archimedes.

Question No (13) Qutubuddin Aibak founded which Dynasty in the India?
Answer: Ghulam Dynasty.

Question No (14) Where is Rudrasagar Lake in India?
Answer: Tripura.

Question No (15) Meera Kumar became ___ woman Lok Sabha Speaker?
Answer: First.

Question No (16) Rome is the capital of which country?
Answer: Italy.

Question No (17) What is the “Large Hadron Collider”?
Answer: Most powerful particle collider machine.

Question No (18) Betwa River is the tributary of which river in India?
Answer: Yamuna.

Question No (19) Which game is related to the Ranji Trophy?
Answer: Cricket.

Question No (20) ‘The Times’ is the main newspaper of which country?
Answer: United Kingdom.

Question No (21) ‘ The World Beneath His Feat’ is the life story of Badminton coach?
Answer: Pullela Gopi Chand.

Question No (22) The Lok Sabha Secretariat works under which?
Answer: Lok Sabha Speaker.

Question No (23) Which gas pollutes most of the atmosphere?
Answer: Carbon monoxide.

Question No (24) Which was first spacecraft to land on Mars?
Answer: The Viking landers (in the 1970s).

Question No (25) Space Research Centre ‘Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)’ is located at where in India?
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.


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