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GK Questions for Class 7th to Class 10th With Answers

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GK Questions for Class 7th to Class 10th With Answers
2021 Current Affairs for Class 7th-10th.

GK Questions for Class 7th to Class 10th With Answers

GK Questions for Class 7th to Class 10th With Answers

GK Questions for Class 7th to Class 10th With Answers – Hello GKQUESTIONBANK Readers. If you are student of Class 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th then this post is for your GK Skills improvements. In this post we have updated the 50 GK Questions Answers + Latest Current Affairs 2021 for School Students of Class 7th to 10th.

We hope these questions answers will improve your general knowledge level. You can also read Current affairs 2021 and Previous Year Questions and Answers for Class 7 – 10th here.

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In this post we have covered many subjects of General Knowledge, For example: Science, Astronomy, Current Affairs 2021, Political Science, World Top General Knowledge and some Important History GK Questions Answers. We hope you will like these questions answers for your study and general awareness.

All these 50 GK Questions + Latest Current Affairs set is important for Class 7th, Class 8th, Class 9th and Class 10th and we made these questions answers according to there class study level. For any query you can do comment by below form.

For Class 7th to 10th students please read these Questions Answers and Current Affairs 2021 & increase your GK Level.

Learn Top 50 GK Questions Answers.

Question No: (1) Headquarter of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is where?
Answer: Bengaluru, India.

Question No: (2) Indian Rhinoceros basically found in which range?
: Indo-Gangetic Plain (Indus-Ganga Plain and the North Indian River Plain).

Question No: (3) What is the height of Statue of Liberty (in the United States)?
Answer: 93 m.

Question No: (4) What is the capital of Saudi Arabia country?
Answer: Riyadh.

Question No: (5) ‘Digital Gold’ scheme was launched in India by which company?
Answer: Paytm.

Question No: (6) World Oceans Day observed each year on which date?
Answer: On 8 June.

Question No: (7) When Indian National Football team was established?
Answer: 1937.

Question No: (8) What is the name of world 1st Hindi Speaking Robot?
Answer: Rashmi.

Question No: (9) Johannesburg is the largest city of which Country?
Answer: South Africa.

Question No: (10) Who is the current President of Brazil (since 1st January 2019)?
Answer: Jair Bolsonaro.

Question No: (11) Where is the Imperial Towers in India?
Answer: Tardeo, Mumbai.

Question No: (12) What is the national bird of the United Kingdom country?
Answer: European Robin.

Question No: (13) Minister of Defence India ‘Rajnath Singh’ since ’31 May 2019′ was born at where?
Answer: Bhabhaura, Chandauli district (UP).

Question No: (14) By which software in computer/mobile we used to see web pages on Internet?
Answer: Web Browsers. Example: Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer.

Question No: (15) Which topology system is used for the largest networks?
Answer: Star.

Question No: (16) Who set up the dual system of administration in Bengal?
Answer: Robert Clive.

Question No: (17) What is the year of the ‘Battle of Plassey’?
Answer: 1757.

Question No: (18) How many articles were there originally in the Constitution of India?
Answer: 395.

Question No: (19) What do you know about ‘JAVA’ in the computer system?
Answer: Computer Programming Language.

Question No: (20) Which planet is nearest to the Earth?
Answer: Venus (according to the Universe_Today).

Question No: (21) Rate of growth of Plant is measured by which instrument?
Answer: Auxanometer.

Question No: (22) What is the full explanation of IMF ?
Answer: ‘International Monetary Fund’.

Question No: (23) In the Olympic Flag how many rings are there?
Answer: Five.

Question No: (24) Which animals can live longest without water?
Answer: Rats.

Question No: (25) On what is the Mona Lisa was painted by ‘Leonardo da Vinci’?
Answer: Wood.


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