1-12th Class GK GK Questions

GK Questions for Class 8 Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

GK Questions For Class 8 Questions Answers

GK Questions for Class 8 Questions Answers

GK Questions for Class 8 Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

Read GK Questions for Class 8 Questions Answers. These General Knowledge Questions Answers For Class 8 Are Also Important in 2022. These Are Best Important GK Question For Eight Class. Learn All These Top 8th Class GK Questions Answers to Boost Your GK Level.

These Questions Answers of General Knowledge (GK) is for class 8th Students and we hope these GK Questions Answer will be improve all students General Knowledge.

Read Now GK Questions for Class 8 Questions Answers – SET-1

Question No (1) ‘Sudarshan Lake’ was repaired second time under the reign of whom?
Answer: Skandgupta.

Question No (2) Where is the ‘Atal Ekta Park’ of India?
Answer: Jhansi.

Question No (3) ‘Zircon hypersonic cruise missile’ belongs to which country?
Answer: Russia.

Question No (4) Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) belongs to which country in Asia?
Answer: India.

Question No (5) Donald Trump was the ___ president of United States of America?
Answer: 45th.

Question No (6) Aviva India is an Indian company deal in which sector?
Answer: Insurance Sector.

Question No (7) Multinational corporation and technology company ‘Intel Corporation’ belongs to which country?
Answer: United States.

Question No (8) Mahatma Gandhi ‘Dandi March’ was an example of which type of movement?
Answer: Direct action campaign of tax resistance and nonviolent protest.

Question No (9) Bengaluru is on top in fastest growing technology center. It is city of which state in India?
Answer: Karnataka.

Question No (10) First session of the Constituent Assembly was held in which city?
Answer: New Delhi.

Question No (11) Which is the largest peninsula in the world?
Answer: Arabian Peninsula.

Question No (12) Which Pole is known as Antarctica on Earth?
Answer: South Pole.

Question No (13) Which is the longest river in Peninsular India?
Answer: Godavari.

Question No (14) BB Gurung was the third chief minister of which Indian state?
Answer: Sikkim.

Question No (15) ‘World Autism Awareness Day’ celebrated each year in the world on which date?
Answer: April 3rd.

Question No (16) In an ice hockey team how many players plays?
Answer: 6.

Question No (17) ‘Amrut Mahotsav’ belongs to which day in India?
Answer: 75 year of Independence.

Question No (18) Quora is a website related to which category?
Answer: Question and Answer related Website.

Question No (19) First Electric Speedometer was invented by whom?
Answer: Croatian inventor ‘Josip Belušić’.

Question No (20) On which date the Indian Constitution Assembly formed?
Answer: 6 December 1946.

Question No (21) What is the full form of FIFA?
Answer: Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

Question No (22) What is the height of Eiffel Tower (in Paris)?
Answer: 324 meter.

Question No (23) Gopal Krishna Gokhle was political teacher of whom?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi.

Question No (24) To promote and develop the export of telecom equipment and services which organization setup by government of India?
Answer: TEPC (Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council).

Question No (25) Who is known as ‘Missile Man of India’?
Answer: A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (Former President of India).

Question No (26) The Gadar Party was founded in San francisco in 1913 by whom?
Answer: Har Dayal and Sohan Singh Bhakna.

Question No (27) British joint-stock company ‘East India Company’ was formed on which date?
Answer: 31 December 1600.

Question No (28) Google is an Internet Technology Company. When Google was founded?
Answer: 4 September 1998 in United States.

Question No (29) Which is first electromechanical binary programmable computer?
Answer: Z1.

Question No (30) When the Taj Mahal (in Agra) was build?
Answer: 1632 by Shah Jahan.


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