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Question No (26) Which is the most iron producing state of India?
Answer: Odisha.

Question No (27) Which was the first weekly newspaper of Hindi language?
Answer: Udant Martand.

Question No (28) Who is the second female astronaut of Indian origin?
Answer: Sunita Williams.

Question No (29) When is Sri Lanka’s Independence Day celebrated?
Answer: February 4.

Question No (30) On which island did Napoleon spend his last day?
Answer: Saint Helena Island.

Question No (31) Which is the smallest country in the world in terms of population?
Answer: Vatican City.

Question No (32) Where is the Rajasthan High Court situated?
Answer: Jodhpur.

Question No (33) In India the establishment of ‘Union Public Service Commission’ is described in which article?
Answer: Article 315.

Question No (34) Where is the headquarters of National Commission for Agriculture?
Answer: New Delhi.

Question No (35) Whose example is the Himalaya mountain range?
Answer: Fold mountains.

Question No (36) Where is sopani agriculture?
Answer: On the slopes of mountains.

Question No (37) What is the functional unit of kidney?
Answer: Nephron.

Question No (38) Which emperor is the Aihole inscription?
Answer: Pulakeshin || .

Question No (39) Juno Mission of NASA is for which planet?
Answer: Jupiter.

Question No (40) Who produces malaria?
Answer: Protozoa.

Question No (41) Which energy can bring energy accumulated under the surface of the Earth, what is it called?
Answer: Geothermal energy.

Question No (42) ‘Olympus Mons’ is shield volcano located on which planet?
Answer: The Mars.

Question No (43) Who started Kesari Newspaper?
Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

Question No (44) Who defines the constitution?
Answer: Judiciary.

Question No (45) Who invented the cooler?
Answer: Richard C. Laramy.

Question No (46) What is the fuse wire made of?
Answer: From alloy of tin and lead.

Question No (47) In which inscription of Ashoka is the description of the Kalinga war?
Answer: XIII inscription.

Question No (48) Who gave the rule of motion of the planets?
Answer: Kepler.

Question No (49) Our Solar System is located in which galaxy?
Answer: The Milky Way.

Question No (50) What is the provision of the constitution of the Supreme Court?
Answer: In paragraph 124.

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