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GK Quiz For Class 10 Important Questions Answers | GKQUESTIONBANK

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GK Quiz For Class 10 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 10 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 10 Important Questions Answers

Hello Dear Students. Welcome in ‘GKQUESTIONBANK‘ Quiz Section. In This 2021 Online GK Quiz For Class 10 Most Important Questions Answers For Class 10th Students We Have Covered The Best GK Quiz Type Questions To Improve Your GK Skills As Well As Your Subjects Knowledge. We Will Asked You Questions From Various Subjects Like: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Polity, Science, Geography and History GK In this Online Quiz Below.

So Let’s Complete This Online Quiz For Your Class 10th and Analysis What You Know Today.

Good Luck For Your Test.

Welcome To This Quiz
Online GK Quiz For Class 10

1. Twinkling of a star is due to which reason?
2. At where the Human eye forms an image of an object?
3. Fossil Fuels are the examples of ___ resources?
4. Per Capita Income for a country is calculated by dividing total income of the country by ___?
5. Right to information (RTI) Act, 2005 was commenced on which date in India?
6. Area in the south-east Asia was known as which name in the early nineteenth century?
7. Light enters the Eye through a thin membrane which is called the?
8. CaOCl2 common name for the compound is called what?
9. The Boxer Rebellion was an uprising against foreigners that occurred in which country about 1900?
10. Mercury is a chemical element. What is the melting point of it?
11. Which one can be used for washing the car?
12. 'Darvaza Gas Crater' which is also known as the Door to Hell is located in which country?
13. 'Belgium's National Day' is celebrated on which date each year?
14. What is the refractive index of Water?
15. Ampere (A) is the base unit of electric current. Ampere is named after which Physicist & Mathematician?
16. Non-Renewable Resources take ____ years in their formation?
17. 'World Development Report' is an annual report by whom since 1978?
18. The major steps that were taken towards decentralization in which year?
19. Human Development Report is published by whom?
20. Political and Social revolution across the territory of the Russian Empire, what was the duration of Russian Revolution?
21. Which compound is used for softening hard water?
22. What happen when Calcium reacts with water?
23. Human Development Index (HDI) is published by whom in the world?
24. What is the refractive index of a Diamond?
25. Chinese Revolution or the Xinhai Revolution is also known as__?
26. Distilled water does not conduct electricity due to the?
27. Why magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in the air?
28. Which types of medicines is used for treating indigestion?
29. Discovery of Methane was made by which Italian Physicist and Chemist?
30. Which resources can be renewed or reproduced by physical, chemical or mechanical process?

Thank You For Answering These Questions. Submit To See The Result and ‘Retake‘ This Quiz Again If You Want To Increase Your Learning Level.
We Are Adding More Questions Each Week In This Quiz So Be Up to Date and Increase Your GK Everyday.

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