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GK Quiz For Class 11 Important Questions Answers

Hello Dear Students. Welcome in ‘GKQUESTIONBANK‘. This Quiz is For Class 11th Students 2022 and we have covered your class subjects like; History, Geography, Polity, Economics and Art & Culture related Quiz Type Questions Answers. So if you want to Increase Your General Knowledge Level then take part in this ‘GK Quiz For Class 11 Important Questions Answers’ made by our team of GKQUESTIONBANK.

Very Important For Increasing Your GK Level in 2022

Quiz Q. No (1) ‘Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week’ was first observed in which year?
Answer: Year 2011.

Quiz Q. No (2) Himalayan Mountains are extending up to __ in length?
Answer: 2,500 km.

Quiz Q. No (3) Which was the finest variety of Muslin found in Indian Subcontinent?
Answer: Malmal.

Quiz Q. No (4) National Statistical Commission (NSC) of India was established in which date?
Answer: June 1, 2005.

Quiz Q. No (5) How many industries were defined in the Indian ‘Industrial Policy Resolution of 1956’?
Answer: Three.

Quiz Q. No (6) First function of a Constitution is to provide a set of basic rules that allow for minimal coordination among-st__ of society?
Answer: Members.

Quiz Q. No (7) In India, Directive Principles of State of Policy (DPSP) is one such feature of what?
Answer: Indian Constitution.

Quiz Q. No (8) What is the India’s limit for territorial water?
Answer: 12 Nautical Miles from the coast.

Quiz Q. No (9) Who was the founder of the Kingdom of Oudh (Awadh) in 1722?
Answer: Saadat Khan.

Quiz Q. No (10) World’s first automated, driverless train has been unveiled at where?
Answer: Hamburg, Germany.

Quiz Q. No (11) Marco Polo visited Southern India during the reign of Rudramma Devi of the Kakatiyas in which year?
Answer: 1292 A.D. – 1294 A.D.

Quiz Q. No (12) China’s first foreign-led dynasty ‘Yuan Dynasty’ was established by whom?
Answer: Kublai Khan.

Quiz Q. No (13) ‘Mihir Bhoja’ was a ruler built the city Bhojpal (Bhopal). He belonged to which dynasty in India?
Answer: Pratihara Dynasty.

Quiz Q. No (14) Which is the highest peak of peninsular India?
Answer: Anumudi.

Quiz Q. No (15) YouTube is the video sharing platform, currently running by which organization?
Answer: Google.

Quiz Q. No (16) Prehistoric paintings have been found mainly in which places across the world?
Answer: Caves.

Quiz Q. No (17) Nepal is governed according to the Constitution which came into effect from which date?
Answer: September 20, 2015.

Quiz Q. No (18) Mughal Emperor ‘Aurangzeb’ died in which year?
Answer: 1707.

Quiz Q. No (19) During the reign of ‘Muhammad Shah’ Delhi was invaded by whom in 1738-39?
Answer: Nadir Shah.

Quiz Q. No (20) State of Hyderabad was founded by whom in 1724 CE?
Answer: Nizam al-Mulk (Asaf Jah).

Quiz Q. No (21) Indian Standard Time (IST) is ___ ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)?
Answer: 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Quiz Q. No (22) ‘Caves of Bhimbetka’ was discovered by Archaeologist ‘V.S. Wakankar’ in which year?
Answer: 1957.

Quiz Q. No (23) ‘Annam’ is a historic term used for whom?
Answer: South Vietnam.

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