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GK Quiz For Class 6 Important Questions Answers | GKQUESTIONBANK

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GK Quiz For Class 6 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 6 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 6 Important Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

Hello Students. Welcome in the ‘GKQUESTIONBANK‘. In This Quiz Section You Can Part In The GK Quiz For Class 6 Important Questions Answers.

So If You Are In The Class 6th Then You Can Take Part In This Quiz For Class 6th Students. We Have Put Our All Efforts To Presents You The Best Quiz Questions Which Can Improve Your GK Level In Class 6. Below We Have Given 100 GK Questions Quiz For You.

So Let’s Take Part In The Class 6 Online Quiz Test and Increase Your GK Level.

Welcome To This Quiz
Online GK Quiz For Class 6

1. Paralympic Swimmer 'Daniel Dias' belongs to which country?
2. What is the sum of first six prime numbers?
3. Humans first lived in which continent of the World?
4. Which is the world's largest freshwater lake by surface area?
5. Which is the world largest Island according to area?
6. How many Spokes are in the Dharma Chakra?
7. Leather is used to make shoes because leather is?
8. Why Woods used to make Matchsticks because it's?
9. Lieutenant General is the senior officer rank in Indian ___?
10. Maglev Trains are the transport method that uses ____ to move vehicles without touching the ground?
11. Mercury is smallest planet in the Solar System which takes how many days to orbit the Sun?
12. Indian composer, singer and songwriter 'A.R. Rahman' won Padma Bhushan Award in which year?
13. How many Union Territories are there in India?
14. Who is known as 'Missile Man' In India?
15. Great Pyramid of Giza is located in which country?
16. Oslo is the capital of which country?
17. World record holder and former sprinter 'Usain Bolt' belongs to which country?
18. World tallest waterfall 'Angel Falls' is located in which country?
19. Which point is the deepest known point located in the Pacific Ocean?
20. On which date the 'Air Force Day' celebrated in the India?
21. Most bones (54) found in which area of a human body?
22. Which is the biggest single shield volcano ever discovered on Earth?
23. Which scientist studies the fossil remains of Prehistoric living things?
24. Which was the first crewed mission to land on the Moon?
25. In our solar system which Planet has the shortest day of 10 hours?
26. The country Israel comes under which continent?
27. The Earth strong magnetic field protect us from harmful radiation from whom?
28. Former Minister of Corporate Affairs of India 'Arun Jaitley' belongs to which city?
29. Which modern problem is the main reason for causing the food crisis in any part of the world?
30. The Mars is the Planet from the Sun?
31. Who is known for Father of Indian cinema?
32. Abraham Lincoln served as president of which country from 1861 to 1865?
33. Novak Djokovic belongs to which sports?
34. Megasthenes was a historian and explorer belonged to which country?
35. Which state has the largest land area in the United States?
36. Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany since which year?
37. Which is India's new single number for any emergency services?
38. Rainforests usually occur near at?
39. Where is the 'Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park' in Asia?
40. Argentina is a country in South America. The word Argentina came from 'Argentum' belongs to which language?
41. The term Democracy comes from which two Greek words?
42. Scientist divided the Earth into how many times zones?
43. Which is the smallest country in the world?
44. International Space Station (ISS) is located in __ orbit of the Earth?
45. Which ocean is called world deepest ocean?
46. Which number is the only even prime number?
47. P. V. Sindhu (from India) belongs to which sports?
48. Which country is the largest country in the South America?
49. First female judge in Iran 'Shirin Ebadi' won Nobel Peace Prize in which year?
50. For deposit, loan and withdraw the money which used from below?
51. Which is the hardest part of the human body?
52. Which part is the hardest substance in human body?
53. 'Starry Night' is famous an oil on canvas painting made by which painter?
54. Former professional basketball player 'Michael Jordan' belongs to which country?
55. Jamaica lies in which continent of the world?
56. Participants in a Marathon Run ___ Km?
57. Karakoram Mountain Range comes under which continent?
58. 'International Day for Older Persons' observed on which date?
59. Which is the coldest continent on Earth?
60. 'Dadabhai Naoroji' who also known as the 'Grand Old Man of India' born where in India?
61. 'Shri Narendra Modi' held the CM of Gujarat for how much period?
62. Nelson Mandela served as president of which country from 1994 to 1999?
63. Which country use most water for there industrial usage?
64. Hubble Space Telescope (HST) used for observed what?
65. Solar System Planet 'Neptune' is named after whom?
66. Which Gulf is the largest in the world?
67. What are the longest mountain range in the world?
68. Mariana Trench is located in which ocean of the Earth?
69. Chanakya was the chief advisor of which ruler in India?
70. Indira Point is the village comes under which group of island in India?
71. Which is the driest place on the Earth?
72. The Tree which is known as 'Golden Shower'?
73. Nile is the longest river in the world. It's flowing in which countries?
74. Which Gram Panchayat became the first to provide free Wi-Fi Service to rural areas?
75. How many Trillions are in 1 Quadrillion?
76. Which is the tallest grass in the world?
77. What does 'CEO' stands for in any organization?
78. At the Equator, the daytime period always lasts about ___ hours?
79. Serena Williams is the professional tennis player belongs to which country?
80. What is the day length of Planet 'Neptune'?
81. What is the Habitable Zone in the Universe?
82. Ashoka was an Indian emperor of the which Dynasty?
83. 'Bhagavad Gita' is the part of which Indian Epic?
84. 'Voyager 1' Space probe was launched on which date?
85. GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite navigation system used for what?
86. Former President of India 'Pranab Mukherjee' served as the 13th President of India from which year to when?
87. The word 'Planet' comes from which language?
88. Which film maker won 32 Indian National Awards including Bharat Ratna in 1992?
89. Who became the Chief Minister of Delhi in 2013?
90. Indian film maker 'Mike Pandey' specializing for making films belongs to which field?
91. Chief Minister of West Bengal 'Mamata Banerjee' belongs to which political party in India?
92. Which is the highest cinema award in the India?
93. Katie Ledecky belongs to Swimming sports. She belongs to which country?
94. Malala Yousafzai is the youngest ever Nobel prize winner. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in which year?
95. What is the abbreviation of GPS?
96. Which lake is the largest fresh water lake in India?
97. Mount Yotei lies under which country?
98. Which is the smallest country in the South America?
99. Which ingredient makes bread rise?
100. Hawaii is the state lies under which country?

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