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GK Quiz For Class 7 Important Questions Answers | GKQUESTIONBANK

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GK Quiz For Class 7 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 7 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 7 Important Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

Hello Students. Welcome in the ‘GKQUESTIONBANK‘. In This Quiz Section You Can Part In The GK Quiz For Class 7 Important Questions Answers.

So If You Are In The Class 7th Then You Can Take Part In This Quiz For Class 7th Students. We Have Put Our All Efforts To Presents You The Best Quiz Questions Which Can Improve Your GK Level In Class 7.

So Let’s Take Part In The Class 7 Online Quiz Test and Increase Your GK Level.

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Online GK Quiz For Class 7

1. Climate of the Rajasthan state is what?
2. Molten Lava forms which types of rocks after cooled on the surface of the Earth?
3. Which organs eliminate the waste materials in the liquid form called Urine?
4. In India which city is unlikely to be affected by a cyclone?
5. When the average weather taken over a long time. It is called as what?
6. Which is the formula of Carbon monoxide from below options?
7. Increase level of Carbon Dioxide cause which environmental problem in the Earth?
8. Antarctic krill found at where in the world?
9. Largest Gland in the Human body is called what?
10. Process of taking food into the body is called what?
11. Under the great heat and pressure, Igneous and sedimentary rocks changed into which rocks?
12. Wool is acquired from which animal below?
13. From below which animal does not not yield the wool?
14. To measuring the duration 'Second' is the basic unit of what?
15. In the winter season the winds flow from the land to where?
16. People get cramps in the legs during heavy exercise due to the accumulation of what?
17. People prefer dark coloured clothes during which season?
18. Tongue helps in mixing food with what?
19. Media is the plural form of which word?
20. Which soil has highest water holding capacity?
21. Which day is celebrated each year on 5th June related to the Environment?
22. Which country is considered as the healthiest country in the Central America?
23. The word 'Environment' is derived from which latin word which means 'Neighbourhood'?
24. ___ Conducts the electricity when dissolved into water?
25. Angel Falls is the highest waterfall on Earth. It's located at where?
26. From below what is the principal function of Platelets in the human body?
27. A laboratory thermometer has temperature range of___?
28. Why mountaineers carry oxygen with them while Trekking higher mountains?
29. Pollination is a process related to whom?
30. Frontal Bone is which part of the human body?
31. 'Midday Meal Scheme' for crore students in the schools was first introduced in which state of India?
32. People prefer light coloured clothes during which season?
33. 'Mponeng Gold Mine' is considered as deepest mine from ground level in the world. Where is this mine located?
34. To fullfill the requirement of Food and Nutrients, plants take them from Water, Soil, Water and ___?
35. After finishing the race an Athlete breathe faster and deeper than usual because of what?
36. Platelets and Plasma are the components of what?
37. Celsius scale temperature was designed by which Astronomer?
38. Rusting of an Iron can be prevented by Alloying, Galvanisation and ___?
39. From the following options Magnet can be used to separate what?
40. During seventh century, 'Maha-mandaleshvara' was acknowledged as __ by kings?
41. Sodium hydrogen carbonate is the chemical name of ___?
42. Which type of climate found in the North-east India?
43. The food synthesised by any plants is stored as what?
44. Battery is a device which is consisting of one or more ___?
45. Blood from the Heart is transported to ___ by the arteries?
46. Human ear can hear the sounds having frequencies between 20Hz to____?
47. Haemoglobin carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. It is found in?
48. Tripartite Struggle was fought between three kingdoms i.e, Palas, Pratiharas and whom?
49. India was termed as 'Hindustan' in which century?
50. Radio Waves which transmitted from the Earth are reflected back by which layer?

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