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GK Quiz For Class 8 Important Questions Answers | GKQUESTIONBANK

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GK Quiz For Class 8 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 8 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 8 Important Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

Hello all dear students. Welcome in the ‘GKQUESTIONBANK‘. In This Quiz Section You Can Part In The GK Quiz Questions For Class 8 Important Questions Answers for 2021.

So If You Are In The Class 8th Then You Can Take Part In This Quiz For Class 8th Students. We Have Put Our All Efforts To Presents You The Best Quiz Questions Which Can Improve Your GK Level In Class 8. Questions From Various Subjects: History, Polity, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Science Quiz Type Questions for Class 8th Students.

So Let’s Take Part In The Class 8 Online Quiz Test and Increase Your GK Level.

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Online GK Quiz For Class 8

1. Which country is the laragest producer of Natural Gas in the world?
2. Rabi crops are grown in which season?
3. ___ cannot be charged easily by friction?
4. Indian tribal freedom fighter 'Birsa Munda' born at Ranchi in which year?
5. 'British East India Company' was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth I on which date?
6. Champaran movement also known as Champaran Satyagraha was led by whom?
7. Which country produce highest amount of the Rice in world?
8. Microorganisms can be seen by which device?
9. From below options what is the first step before growing a crop?
10. Lok Sabha is also called as what name?
11. From below options which is the chemical formula of Sodium Chloride?
12. What is the atomic number of the Calcium?
13. From the below options which one is a Natural resource?
14. From below options which water does not conduct electricity?
15. In which articles of the Indian Constitution deal with the Fundamental Rights?
16. Rajya Sabha is also called as what name?
17. Munro System was a system in which the __ was declared as the owner of the land?
18. Land covers how much of the Earth's surface?
19. Who wrote the book 'The History of British India' in 1817?
20. From below options who write the FIR?
21. What is the range of frequencies which are audible to human ears?
22. 'Planning Commission' was established on which date in India?
23. In below, which is mostly used in the textile industry for making fabrics?
24. Right to Freedom is defined in which article of the Indian Constitution?
25. Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is located at where in India?
26. Why the rain drops fall downward on the Earth?
27. What is the atomic number of the Gold?
28. From the following who did promotion of English education?
29. What was the duration of second Five-Year Plans of India?
30. Golconda Fort is located in which city of Telangana?
31. What is the maximum number of Judges in the Supreme Court of India?
32. Constituent Assembly demand was made by Indian National Congress in which year?
33. While Increasing in the total population, water availability per person __?
34. Which is the Supreme Law Making Institution in the India?
35. 'Holy Bible' is the religious book belongs to whom?
36. Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan were the rulers of which kingdom in the India today?
37. There are how many Judge in the courtroom of trial court?
38. Cotton and Silk had a large market in which continent?
39. World total population was reached 6 billion in which year?
40. What is FIR stand for?
41. From below which can be consider as the healthy food for humans?
42. Nylon Fibres is used for making what from below options?
43. How many of minerals are constitute as major mineral components of the rocks?
44. 'Faujdari Adalat' were refer to whom?
45. From below options what is the use of Kaleidoscope?
46. What is the boiling point of the Gold?
47. In the 'A History of British India' James Mill divided Indian history into three periods i.e,?
48. Electricity produced from the Coal is called what?
49. In which century the India’s textile exports declined?
50. To prevent atrocities against scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, which act was enacted by Parliament of India?
51. From below options, which one can be consider as bad conductor of the electricity?
52. From below options which one is considered as golden fiber?
53. Which one is the highest Gurudwara in the world?
54. Three parts of Indian Parliament are President, Rajya Sabha and __?
55. Right to Equality is defined in which article of the Indian Constitution?
56. From the below options which one is a human made resource?
57. 'Vernacular press act' was passed in which year of British rule in India?
58. What is the correct method to move a loaded trolley?
59. New Enfield Rifle with the Greased Cartridges were introduced in the British Indian Army in which year?
60. Voice of a Man is likely to have a ___ frequency when compared with a Women or beby girl/boy?
61. While ball thrown to upwards it's come back to the earth because of the?
62. Water supply, Electricity production, Roads and Public Transports are the major public utility of the __?
63. The Mughal empire became declined in which century?
64. To prevent child below the age of 14 work in any factory or mine or engage in any other employment, which act was regulated by Indian Parliament?
65. From below options Iron is used for making what?
66. Adivasi Demands and the 1989 Act is refer to the Adivasi activists to defend their right to occupy __ that was traditionally theirs?
67. Article 300 A of Indian Constitution provides which fundamental rights to the citizens of India?
68. Reason behind on world population has grown very rapidly in the recent decades is the food production and development in healthcare facilities increased by?
69. Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO) which is now known as Tata Steel Ltd was started on which date?
70. Mahalwari system was introduced by whom in 1822?
71. While burning of wood and coal causes which major pollution on the Earth?
72. From below which can be consider as the un-healthy food for humans?
73. Earthquakes are expressed in the terms of a Magnitude on a scale called what?
74. On the Earth, fresh water accounts for only ___?
75. The Earthquake is more likely to strike in which state of India?
76. Pressure exerted by air on the Earth is called what?
77. From below options sexual reproduction occurs in whom?
78. Which Insect in home is most common carrier of communicable diseases?
79. Synthetic Fibres are made from which options below?
80. British Crown directly took over the Indian administration after when?
81. Under the British rule 'Arms Act' was passed in which year below?
82. “In politics, we will have equality, and in social and economic life we will have inequality” is the statement given by whom?
83. In the world copper production which is the leading country?
84. Small molecules which combine to form the chain of a polymer are called what?
85. 'Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act' was passed in which year?
86. From below options which one is used for running a bike?
87. To prevent soil erosion which method is used from below?
88. From below options, which one can be consider as good conductor of the electricity?
89. From below options 'Rammohun Roy' mostly known for what?
90. Fifth Five Year Plan (1974–1978) was focused on which from below?
91. From below options 'Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar' mostly known for what?
92. Objects can't be seen in a dark room because?
93. Which continent on the Earth produced highest amount of Tin?
94. 'Bahadur Shah Zafar' was the __ Mughal emperor?
95. From below which one is used for surfacing of roads?
96. Scottish historian 'James Mill' born on 6 April 1773 in which country?
97. From below which one is an artificial or manmade fibres?
98. Which country is leading producers of coffee in the world?
99. From below options what is the correct abbreviation of CNG?
100. Which resource is below comes under non-renewable resource on the Earth?

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