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GK Quiz For Class 8 Important Questions Answers | GKQUESTIONBANK

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GK Quiz For Class 8 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 8 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 8 Important Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

Hello Students. Welcome in the ‘GKQUESTIONBANK‘. In This Quiz Section You Can Part In The GK Quiz For Class 8 Important Questions Answers.

So If You Are In The Class 8th Then You Can Take Part In This Quiz For Class 8th Students. We Have Put Our All Efforts To Presents You The Best Quiz Questions Which Can Improve Your GK Level In Class 8. Questions From Various Subjects: History, Polity, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Science for Class 8th Students.

So Let’s Take Part In The Class 8 Online Quiz Test and Increase Your GK Level.

Welcome To This Quiz
Online GK Quiz For Class 8

1. Small molecules which combine to form the chain of a polymer are called what?Deselect Answer
2. In below, which is mostly used in the textile industry for making fabrics?Deselect Answer
3. New Enfield Rifle with the Greased Cartridges were introduced in the British Indian Army in which year?Deselect Answer
4. Earthquakes are expressed in the terms of a Magnitude on a scale called what?Deselect Answer
5. Which country produce highest amount of the Rice in world?Deselect Answer
6. Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is located at where in India?Deselect Answer
7. Constituent Assembly demand was made by Indian National Congress in which year?Deselect Answer
8. Which continent on the Earth produced highest amount of Tin?Deselect Answer
9. Who wrote the book 'The History of British India' in 1817?Deselect Answer
10. Land covers how much of the Earth's surface?Deselect Answer
11. On the Earth, fresh water accounts for only ___?Deselect Answer
12. Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO) which is now known as Tata Steel Ltd was started on which date?Deselect Answer
13. Pressure exerted by air on the Earth is called what?Deselect Answer
14. Article 300 A of Indian Constitution provides which fundamental rights to the citizens of India?Deselect Answer
15. Which is the Supreme Law Making Institution in the India?Deselect Answer
16. Electricity produced from the Coal is called what?Deselect Answer
17. 'British East India Company' was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth I on which date?Deselect Answer
18. How many of minerals are constitute as major mineral components of the rocks?Deselect Answer
19. Which resource is below comes under non-renewable resource on the Earth?Deselect Answer
20. What is the boiling point of the Gold?Deselect Answer

Thank you for taking part in the online quiz on General Knowledge for Class 8th Students. Questions are updating regularly and we are adding more in this Quiz.

You can also use ‘Retake Quiz‘ option to take this quiz more times and increase your GK Level.

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