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GK Quiz For Class 9 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 9 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 9 Important Questions Answers

Welcome Dear Students In ‘GKQUESTIONBANK‘. Here We Have Live This GK Quiz For Class 9th Students. We Have Concludes Various Topics In This GK Quiz Questions For Class 9 From Subjects Like; Science, Physics, Social Science, Geography, Indian History and Political Science With Most Important Questions Answers Test And We Hope These Very Important 100 GK Questions Will Be Boost Your General Knowledge Level.

Very Important For Increasing Your GK Level

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Online GK Quiz For Class 9

1. Energy supplied by heat overcomes the forces of attraction between whom?
2. An area which is drained by a single river system is called what?
3. From below options which thing have higher speed?
4. Which place in Indha has highest rainfall in the world?
5. From below which one is a famous rice producing island of Indonesia?
6. From below options what is the full form of DNA in the body?
7. Social and political upheaval in France called as 'French Revolution' between which period?
8. President of the United States of America has a fixed tenure of how many years?
9. From below options which Islands lying in the Arabian Sea?
10. The force acting between two objects is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of ___?
11. From below what is the normal bilirubin level in human body?
12. Which one below is the reason of Forest fire?
13. Neurons are found in which part of human body?
14. From below options which tissue responsible for movement of human body?
15. The number of deaths per ___ persons in a year is called as Death Rate?
16. From below options, Hydrogen is found mostly in?
17. From below which can be converted to home furniture?
18. Soviet Union was a federal socialist state from 1922 to 1991. It was also called as USSR which stands for?
19. Jaundice is a disease in human body and skin color seen as?
20. Which from below atmosphere have more then 95% of carbon dioxide?
21. USSR also called as Soviet Union was dissolved on which date?
22. Which device on a submarine sends out a signal and received through it?
23. Thallophyta, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms are the major five groups of what?
24. To fight against infectious diseases in our body is called what?
25. Indus River originate from which glacier in Tibetan region?
26. Tanganyika and Zanzibar were united to form Tanzania in which year?
27. In the Physics power is that the rate of doing work or the speed of transfer of energy. So power can be defined as?
28. 'Newton's Law of Motion' was first introduced in which year?
29. Cells were first discovered by 'Robert Hooke' in which year?
30. From below options which is known as suicide bags?
31. Particles in all states of matter are in?
32. Which institution decides on a legal dispute between two state governments in India?
33. 'Russian Social Democratic Workers Party' was founded at founded in Minsk, Belarus in which year?
34. To guarantee the 'right to work' National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was passed in which year?
35. Across the territory of the Russian Empire, The Russian Revolution was a period of political and social revolution between which period?
36. Eucalyptus is used to make medicine. What is Eucalyptus?
37. In water, sodium chloride in its solution can be separated through which process?
38. Approximately in which month the Monsoon arrives in India each year?
39. Tropic of Cancer pass through how many states of the India?
40. Farmers used what to enrich the soil quality and improve the yield?
41. Which activitiy from below would lead to the Air Pollution in the atmosphere of the Earth?
42. From below options, which one is not the Internal body organs?
43. From below options which is the command center of a cell?
44. Which country in the world have largest number of voters?
45. In the areas where rainfall more than __ Cinchona Trees are found?
46. BPL card provided by Government of India to whom?
47. Why a large proportion of children in a __ is a result of High birth rates?
48. Gobind Sagar is a Reservoir in Himachal Pradesh of India. It is formed by which dam?
49. What is the total length of India's coastline?
50. What is the SI unit of frequency?
51. Criminal Tribes Act was passed in which year by the colonial government?
52. In India, Farmers are paid MSP (Minimum Support Price) which is a pre-announced price for there crops by whom?
53. From below which option is true?
54. Malwa Plateau is located in which country of Asia?
55. Which institution can make changes to an existing law of the country?
56. Which system was imposed by the white Europeans about racial discrimination in South Africa?
57. To increased agricultural production worldwide, Green Revolution occurred between which years?
58. The Great Depression 1929 was first occurred in which country in the world?
59. Grazing Tax was imposed by the colonial government to expand what?
60. Bhagirathi River is joined by the Alaknanda River at which place in India?
61. The motion of the moon round the Earth because universal law of __?
62. Which scientist discovered cells in 1665?
63. Muscle, epithelial, connective and nervous are the four main types of ___ in the body?
64. From below which one attracts the Earth?
65. To increased agricultural production worldwide which revolution was introduced between 1950-1960?
66. What is the correct expansion of FCI from below?
67. According to the 'Universal Law of Gravitation', the Force between two objects is __ to the product of their masses?
68. Kinetic energy (KE) of an object is the energy that it possesses due to its ___?
69. On the Moon object’s weight is ___ its earth weight?
70. Typhoid fever is also called as Enteric fever, transmitted by contaminated __?
71. From below options what is the full form of DNA in the body?
72. Land and Physical capital are dependent on ___ resource for their use?
73. Gairsain is the summer capital of which Indian State?
74. Malaria is also called as Plasmodium Infection, transmitted by the bite of infected __?
75. Nematoda, Annelida, Arthropoda, Mollusca and Echinodermata belongs to whom?
76. From below options which one is true?
77. French politician and historian 'Louis Blanc' was born in Madrid, Spain on which date?
78. National Human Rights Commission of India was setup in which year?
79. Forest management of Bastar in India was under the control of the whom?
80. How Chalk is made of which Chemical compound?
81. 'Bloody Sunday' on January 22, 1905 was a protest by Russian __?
82. From below the India and East Africa were under occupation by whom?
83. Palm Islands is located in United Arab Emirates which is a type of __ Island?
84. Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly in India?
85. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) is appointed by whom in India?
86. From below options which one is not an example of Vertebrate animals?
87. Gravitational force between the Earth and an object is called as?
88. National Socialist German Workers' Party also known as __ in the English language?
89. Oxygen is present in how many forms in the atmosphere of the Earth?
90. Which one is the main reason of Soil Erosion?
91. In the country where ___ exist there citizens have same Rights For Vote to choose there Government?
92. Protons, Electrons and Neutrons are the subatomic particles of?
93. Hill Station 'Palampur' comes under which state of India?
94. From below in which areas the Tropical Evergreen Forests are found?
95. Right to Privacy comes under which article of Indian Constitution?
96. What is the source of Wular lake in India?
97. What is the mass of 1 mole of nitrogen atoms?
98. Ultrasounds can be used to detect what in the human body?
99. Sonar Device is used in a Ship or Submarine. It is used for what from below options?
100. From below options which one is an example of Vertebrate animals?

Thank You For Taking This Online GK Quiz For Class 9th Students For 2021. We Are Continuously Adding More GK Quiz Questions In This Page. Till Then You Can Re-take This Quiz To Increase Your GK Level. Good Luck For Your Test.

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