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GK Quiz For Class 9 Important Questions Answers | GKQUESTIONBANK

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GK Quiz For Class 9 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 9 Important Questions Answers

GK Quiz For Class 9 Important Questions Answers

Welcome In ‘GKQUESTIONBANK‘. Here We Have Live This Quiz For Class 9th Students. We Have Concludes Various Topics In This GK Quiz For Class 9 Important Questions Answers Test And We Hope These Questions Will Be Boost Your General Knowledge Level.

Let’s Start Dive In This GK Quiz For Class 9th

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Online GK Quiz For Class 9

1. Cells were first discovered by 'Robert Hooke' in which year?
2. In India, Farmers are paid MSP (Minimum Support Price) which is a pre-announced price for there crops by whom?
3. An area which is drained by a single river system is called what?
4. What is the total length of India's coastline?
5. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) is appointed by whom in India?
6. 'Newton's Law of Motion' was first introduced in which year?
7. Bhagirathi River is joined by the Alaknanda River at which place in India?
8. BPL card provided by Government of India to whom?
9. Ultrasounds can be used to detect what in the human body?
10. 'Russian Social Democratic Workers Party' was founded at founded in Minsk, Belarus in which year?
11. Tanganyika and Zanzibar were united to form Tanzania in which year?
12. To increased agricultural production worldwide which revolution was introduced between 1950-1960?
13. Indus River originate from which glacier in Tibetan region?
14. According to the 'Universal Law of Gravitation', the Force between two objects is __ to the product of their masses?
15. National Human Rights Commission of India was setup in which year?
16. What is the correct expansion of FCI from below?
17. Which system was imposed by the white Europeans about racial discrimination in South Africa?
18. Energy supplied by heat overcomes the forces of attraction between whom?
19. French politician and historian 'Louis Blanc' was born in Madrid, Spain on which date?
20. President of the United States of America has a fixed tenure of how many years?

Thank You For Taking This Online GK Quiz For Class 9th Students. We Are Continuously Adding More GK Quiz Questions In This Page. Till Then You Can Re-take This Quiz To Increase Your GK Level. Good Luck.

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