Gradzz: The Guide to Colleges for US Online Education

Gradzz: The Guide to Colleges for US Online Education

Deciding on a college to study for further higher education can be an overwhelming task. With innumerable colleges and programs, this can be very confusing for students who are carving a path of their career or looking to improve their career with a degree or certificate. Online education is majorly indulged by working adults who want to gain a degree or improve their skill for career development. Sometimes, Online programs require the enrolled student to visit the campus for various purposes. This is the reason students pursuing online education prefer university with headquarters and branches in their resident state or state in close proximity to them. This is made easy with the user-friendly education portal called Gradzz and this website is similar to Getmyuni which specializes in the United States online education.
For instance, a resident of Idaho or the nearing states will be looking into Best Online Colleges in Idaho on the Gradzz website. And when the users will search by state and select Idaho, all the universities in Idaho will be enlisted. This lists the colleges in Idaho in an alphabetical order.

When selecting a college, aspiring students look into the reputation of the college and how long it’s been around. Gradzz provides a detailed preview of the university in their overview section. This provides a descriptive information about the history and mission of the college, programs provided by the college, brief admissions requirements and scholarships provided by the college. Usually, on the official website of a university, all of this information is provided in different web pages, but on the Gradzz website, this information is available on overview page for a university. This makes gathering information about the university easy and under one webpage without the requirement of opening too many links.

Aspiring students also look into the accreditation of the institution that is providing the degree or program. Accreditation is very important as it determines whether an institute meets the standard for quality. Institutes are accredited by accrediting boards like Higher Learning Commission (HLC) which measures the institution with a preset standard that it scrutinizes all colleges against. Accreditation is like a seal of approval to the institute or program. Usually, institutes with the same accrediting boards allow transfer credits. These institutes are also better for job placements as companies have invested trust in them to provide the graduates from these colleges a job in their workplace.
Gradzz provides institutional accreditation information on the overview page and also provides program accreditation, in a separate webpage under the section accreditation.

Gradzz also provides the transfer credit information for programs. This is a major factor for considering a college for enrollment. If a college allows transfer credits, then the chances of the finishing the course in less than expected time is higher. In turn, this reduces the cost of education. This is why students prefer enrolling in colleges that accepts transfers credits. Transfer credits can be used towards the credit requirement for graduation. The website Gradzz provides transfer credit information for each program. The decision of whether these credits are acceptable or not is left to the institution. Usually, there is a review of transfer credits which judges whether they can be used towards the credits required for the completion of the course. But it is important to note that not all institutes accept transfer credits entirely or towards a particular program.

The information about tuition cost, cost per credit and cost of education is given in the Gradzz website. This helps students in deciding on an institution. The financial factor of an institution is very important as it is a major deciding factor on whether the student wants to financial invest the amount into their education. Even though online education is very cost effective compared to full-time college education. This is also a major deciding factor as the financial fund available personally for a student may be limited depending on their financial status. This is why a lot institutes provide scholarships, financial aid and federal aid. Gradzz gives you a detailed information about scholarships and financial aid. It also displays the FAFSA code in the overview section which shows whether the colleges receive federal aid or not.

Gradzz is your go-to easy to navigate website for US online education. And it is a well-developed website which provides all the information from college history to additional facilities which may help in the decision of enrolment for students.

Here are  the few questions usually students ask:

  1. What is accreditation?

Accreditation is the process of evaluating universities and colleges of higher learning. 

  1. Why accreditation is required for online education?

Since it is online education the accreditation is important which ensures quality and reputation of the online colleges. And it always helps you in transferring colleges.

  1. What are the few US accreditation boards that accredit online colleges?

The 6 regional US accreditation boards are:

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

  1. How can you find accreditation?

Accreditation can be found easily on Gradzz.

  1. How gradzz helps in founding accreditation?

It not only helps in finding the online colleges but also has a separate section called accreditation which ensures you of the quality.


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