GUJARAT Top 50 GK Questions Answers In English For 2022

GUJARAT Top 50 GK Questions Answers In English

Gujarat GK Questions Answers – GKQUESTIONBANK

Hello GK Readers. Today we have updated this most awaiting post “GUJARAT Top 50 GK Questions Answers In English” on the Indian State ‘GUJARAT’. As we all know that GUJARAT is the major economic contributor in the GDP of India so we will learn all about the GUJARAT and the facts/history which should be asked in many Competitive Exams of 2022.

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“Let’s Read Gujarat GK Important Questions Answers”

Question No (1) What is scientific name of Gujarat state animal?
Answer:  Panthera Leo Persica.

Question No (2) Which is the largest district of Gujarat state?
Answer:  Kutch.

Question No (3) “Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel” International Airport is Located in which State of India?
Answer:  Gujarat.

Question No (4) What is the full form of “AMUL”?
Answer:  “Anand Milk Union Limited”.

Question No (5) Which state is in the south of Gujarat?
Answer:  Maharashtra.

Question No (6) Current Prime Minister of India ‘Shri Narendra Modi’ first time became the Chief Minister of Gujarat State on which date?
:  22 December 2002.

Question No (7) How many Number of Assembly seats are there in Gujarat?
Answer:  182.

Question No (8) Who was Gujarat’s first sultan?
Answer:  Ahmed Shah.

Question No (9) ‘Gola Dhoro’ located at the Gulf of Kutch is an archaeological site belonging which Civilization?
Answer: Indus Valley Civilization.

Question No (10) “Run of Kutch” is located in which state of India?
Answer:  Gujarat.

Question No (11) The ancient history of Gujarat is related to?
Answer:  Commercial Activities.

Question No (12) What was the first capital of Gujarat?
Answer:  Ahamedabad.

Question No (13) When the capital of Gujarat was moved to “Gandhinagar”?
Answer:  1970.

Question No (14) In 2001(Gujarat Earthquake) which district was effected?
Answer:  Kutch.

Question No (15) When the “Godhra Kand” happened in Gujarat?
Answer:  2002.

Question No (16) Name the tallest tower in Gujarat?
Answer:  GIFT one (122 metres, “400 ft”).

Question No (17) Which industry is famous in Surat city?
Answer:  Textile.

Question No (18) When the “Gir Forest National Park” and “Wildlife Sanctuary of Gujarat” was established?
Answer:  1965.

Question No (19) Which city is also known as the “Diamond city of India”?
Answer:  Surat.

Question No (20) Who has built the “Sun Temple of Modhera”?
Answer:  Bhimdev 1st.

Question No (21) “Indus Valley Civilization” is related to which State of India?
Answer:  Gujarat.

Question No (22) “Dholavira” is located in which state of India?
Answer:  Gujarat.

Question No (23) Where the first Port of India was established?
Answer:  Lothal.

Question No (24) ‘Mehdi Nawaz Jung’ served as Governor of Gujarat from which duration?
:  1960-1965.

Question No (25) What is the official language of Gujarat State?
Answer:  Gujarati.

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