Himachal Pradesh Top One Liner GK Questions

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HIMACHAL PRADESH Top 50 GK Questions Answers In English

HIMACHAL PRADESH Top 50 GK Questions Answers

HIMACHAL PRADESH Top 50 GK Questions Answers

We have updated this post “Himachal Pradesh Top One Liner GK Questions” on the Indian State ‘HIMACHAL PRADESH’.  I hope these questions will beneficial in your upcoming examinations.

Question No (1) “Lavi Fair” celebrated in which place of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Rampur (Shimla).

Question No (2) “Pin Valley National Park” is situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Lahaul Spiti district.

Question No (3) In October 1871 which Governor General of India visited Mandi (Himachal Pradesh)?
Answer: Lord Mayo.

Question No (4) Who was The first Governor General of India to visit Shimla?
Answer: Lord Amherst.

Question No (5) In Himanchal Pradesh which place located “Central Potato Research Institute” ?
Answer: Bemloe (Shimla).

Question No (6) In Himachal Pradesh Marriage by inter-familiay exchange is known as ?
Answer: Bata-Sata.

Question No (7) Which is the smallest wildllife sanctuary in Himachal pradesh?
Answer: Shilli.

Question No (8) The largest glacier in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Bada Shigri.

Question No (9) Total area of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 55673 sq. Kms.

Question No (10) Vedic name of river Chenab?
Answer: Askini.

Question No (11) Which place in Himachal Pradesh is called as “Mini Switzerland”?
Answer: Kharjiar.

Question No (12) Vedic name of river Ravi?
Answer: Parushani.

Question No (13) Who is known as ‘Pahari Gandhi’?
Answer: Baba Kanshi Ram.

Question No (14) The highest peak in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Shilla (7025 mts in Kinnaur).

Question No (15) The largest temple of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Lakshna Devi Temple (Bharmour).

Question No (16) How many districts in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 12 Districts.

Question No (17) When was Himachal Pradesh established?
Answer: 25th Jan 1971.

Question No (18) Which place is famous as the Land of Grapes ?
Answer: Ribba (Himanchal Pradesh).

Question No (19) First Indian State of launch Rotavirus Vaccination Project ?
Answer: Himanchal Pradesh.

Question No (20) In Hiachal Pradesh where is “Nehru Kund” situated?
Answer: Manali.

Question No (21) Nalagarh state was also khown as?
Answer: Hindur.

Question No (22) Who built Hidimba Temple in Manali?
Answer: R.B. Singh.

Question No (23) Who is the founder of Hamirpur?
Answer: Hamir Chand.

Question No (24) Who written the book ‘Prachin Himachal’?
Answer: L.C. Parathi.

Question No (25) What is the State Day of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 5th April.

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