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History Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know In 2021

History Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know

History Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know- GKQUESTIONBANK

Read below the Most Important History Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know In 2021. We have given the top 20 questions of History from World History and Indian History.

All these History Related Top 20 Common Questions are very important for any competitive examinations and these are basic questions you should learn in 2021. So let’s get started.

India And World History Related GK in 2021

Question No (1) Which civilization is known as oldest of the world?
Answer: The Mesopotamian Civilization.

Question No (2) Which is longest-surviving dynasty in the world now?
Answer: The Imperial House of Japan (Naruhito is currently Emperor of Japan).

Question No (3) In which year Sri Lanka officially gained its independence?
Answer: 1948.

Question No (4) Organization of Kumbh fair at Allahabad was started by whom in India?
Answer: King Harshavardhana.

Question No (5) From the 8th to the 12th century, Pala dynasty was ruling dynasty in Bihar and Bengal. Who was founder of Pala dynasty?
Answer: Gopala.

Question No (6) Ajanta painting is made from which style?
Answer: Fresco Painting Style.

Question No (7) American won Independence from England in which year?
Answer: 1776.

Question No (8) Berlin Wall was a barrier that existed from 1961 through which year?
Answer: 1989.

Question No (9) New Economic Policy (NEP) was an economic policy of Soviet Russia proposed by Vladimir Lenin in which year?
Answer: 1921.

Question No (10) Vaisheshika School (ne of the six darshans of Indian philosophy) was founded by whom?
Answer: Kanada Kashyapa.

Question No (11) What was the main cause of the invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni in India?
Answer: To gain possession of the wealth of India.

Question No (12) In 13th century who was the founder of Bhakti Movement in Maharashtra?
Answer: Gnanadeva.

Question No (13) Which traveler is considered as the first Western explorer to reach China?
Answer: Italian merchant traveler ‘Marco Polo’.

Question No (14) A Battle was fought between the Norman-French army of William, the Duke of Normandy, and an English army under the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson on 14 October 1066 is known as what?
Answer: The Battle of Hastings.

Question No (15) Shiksh Ashtakam is a prayer of eight verses composed in the Sanskrit language. It was wrote by whom?
Answer: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Question No (16) ‘Vedanta-Parijata-Saurabha’ which is a commentary on the Brahma Sutra was written by whom?
Answer: Nimbarka.

Question No (17) During the epic times Delhi was known as which name?
Answer: Indraprastha.

Question No (18) Aurangzeb was one of the Mughal emperor in India from 1658 to 1707. What was his original name?
Answer: Muḥī al-Dīn Muḥammad (britannica.com).

Question No (19) Statue of Liberty of New York in the United States of America was gifted by which country in 1885?
Answer: France.

Question No (20) Adolf Hitler becomes absolute dictator of Germany under which title?
Answer: der Führer.

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