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How to Prepare for RRB Group D 2020 Exam?

The RRB Group D 2020 exam is now slated for December 15th 2020 onwards. It is one of the most competitive recruitment examinations in the country with close to 1 crore applications for just over 1 lakh vacancies. The recruitment process consists of a Written Test and a Physical Efficiency Test [PET].

As the date of the exam nears, applicants need to be on top of their preparation efforts and in this article, we shall list down some of the best preparation tips that will help you get the most out of your RRB Group D preparation plan.

How to Prepare for RRB Group D: Exam Pattern

The RRB Group D 2020 exam comprises of four sections with a total of 100 questions. The total time allotted to applicants is 90 minutes. Further, a negative marking of 1/3rd of that of the correct answer also applies. The following table sheds will help you formulate a solid RRB Group D study plan.

Section Questions Marks
General Science 25 25
Mathematics 25 25
General Intelligence & Reasoning 30 30
General Awareness & Current Affairs 20 20
Total 100 100






RRB Group D: General Science

  • Major Topics: Physics [Heat, Light, Sound, Electricity, Magnetism, Forces in Nature, Earth’s rotation and Revolution, Gravitation, etc.]; Chemistry [Matter, Elements & compounds, Application-based chemistry, Fuels, Polymer, Nuclear energy, nuclear reactors in Indian, etc.]; Biology [Cell, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, major Diseases, Inheritance, Genes; Evolution of Earth; Astronomy; Current Affairs, etc.
  • The 25 questions on the General Science section consists of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The level of questions typically stands at class 10th As per last year, Chemistry accounted for the highest weightage with 9-10 questions with Physics next carrying about 7-8 questions and lastly Biology having 6-7 questions.
  • General Science is best studied through the NCERT books 7th-10th and at times of 11th and 12th. Keep a Lucent’s GK book handy for reference on static topics such as dates, inventors and major discoveries. Keep an eye on the Science and Tech page on dailies as well.

How to Prepare for RRB Group D: Mathematics

  • Major Topics: Ratio & Proportion, Number System, Speed & Distance, Simplification/ Approximation, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Average, Inequalities, Trigonometry, Probability, Simple & Compound Interest, Ages, Functions, Geometry, Linear & Quadratic Equations, Series & Sequences, Permutation & Combination, Probability, Data Interpretation, etc.
  • Going by the last year paper, time & work carried the highest weightage with 3-4 questions with ratio & proportion, percentages, BODMAS, Time & Distance, Age, etc. also accounting for 2-3 questions each.


  • Having a solid arithmetical base lead to efficiency in reasoning ability as well. Thus, cement your fundamental mathematics portion in the first phase of your RRB Group D study plan itself. Move on to advanced topic like Trigonometry, Quadratic Equations and Probability in the next phase.


How to Prepare for RRB Group D: General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • Important Topics: Cause & Effect, Assertion & Reason, Statements & Conclusion Inequalities, Partnership, Blood Relation, Coding-Decoding, Clocks, Puzzles, Seating Arrangement, Dates & Calendars, Order & Rankings, Directions, Data Sufficiency, Similarities, Relationships, Advanced Coding-Decoding, Advanced Puzzles, Syllogism, etc.
  • The 30 questions on the General Intelligence & Reasoning section included in the previous year paper, 4-5 questions on Statements along with 3-4 questions each on Analytical Reasoning and Alphabetical & Number series. Coding & decoding and Analogies were also asked in total 5-6 questions.
  • Utilise creative learning techniques such as flow charts, diagrams, puzzles and quizzes to acclimatize yourself with the diverse types of questions asked in this section. Take 1-2 short topic-based tests to assess yourself continuously in your RRB Group D study plan.


How to Prepare for RRB Group D: General Awareness & Current Affairs

  • Important Topics: Indian & World History, Film & Television, Science & Technology, Indian & World Geography, Culture, Current Affairs, Indian Constitution & Polity, National Issues, Business & Economics, Institutions [Domestic & International] and current changes, Dates & Anniversaries, Environment, Sports, Currency, Books & Authors, General Science, etc.
  • While current affairs typically have the highest weightage with 8-9 questions, in the last year paper, the sports section was an important category carrying 2-3 questions as well. Moreover, go through major appointments as you can expect 1-2 questions from it also. Rest of the questions were divided between history, geography, economics and miscellaneous.
  • Make use of refresher capsules, bilingual newspapers, magazines as well as national and local government debates. GK is all about retention and you need to memorise as much and as vividly as possible.


RRB Group D preparation plan: Key Takeaways

  • Time Management: 90 minutes is a bit of a stretch for 100 questions. Therefore, it is important to start confidently and from familiar sections. If you accord 54 seconds per question, you will be on point but Reasoning and Mathematics sections tend to take more time than expected. So, don’t linger on one question too much and plan accordingly. Stress on time management in your RRB Group D study plan.
  • Starting Tactic: As mentioned above, to start well gives you some breathing room. Our suggestion is, to begin with, either of Reasoning and Mathematics sections. Then, complete General Science and move on to the remaining one of the above two. Leave General awareness for the end. Try out multiple starting approaches in your RRB Group D preparation plan.
  • Revision: Almost as crucial is the revision part. Even if you are short on time, always leave 5-7 minutes in the end. Or else you can revise for 2-3 minutes after completing two sections as well. Look out for calculation errors, marking mistakes and other silly slip-ups you may have committed.


The most important part of your RRB Group D study plan is your confidence and trust in your abilities. have faith in your exam strategies, remain patient and don’t give in to nervousness. Best of luck.


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