How to Study for Science Exam

How to Study for Science Exam

Preparing to Study:

Know the test material or the exam syllabus before you start studying for your upcoming exam. Doing this will help you to gather all relevant readings and notes. After gathering all these study materials, you can decide how much time you need to allot to studying for the exam.

Study Area:

Make sure your study area should be quiet and free of distractions. It should have sufficient amount of light, ventilation a comfortable chair and a large study space to spread your study materials. Avoid distraction causing gadgets like mobile phones, music system and television. If there is one, ask your parents or your roommate to take that out of the room.

Make Labeled Diagrams:

Sketching a diagram of an object, biological process or of any organ will help you to understand the topic in a better way. If you understand the process, you can draw and label the important parts and aspects easily in the examination.    

Make your notes in the form of flowcharts:

Making notes in the form of flowcharts helps to organize the ideas visually. If you think you might be asked contrast/compare questions then a Venn diagram can help you outline the similarities and differences between the two concepts.  For example, if you are studying chemistry for class try to make your notes in the form of flow charts, as in class 11 chemistry some questions are asked in the form of compare and contrast.
You should also keep Class 11 Chemistry NCERT  Solutions handy for any further queries.

Read Textbook using survey method:

Read the title of the topic and think over it for few minutes, let the mind prepare for the topic. Don’t skip the introduction or summary, try to focus on author’s statement of the most important topic.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers and Textbook Questions:

After completing a chapter try to solve the questions provided at end of each chapter, solving those will help to understand the chapter in a better way.
Suppose you are solving class 12 chemistry NCERT question and you are stuck somewhere, at that time you can refer to  Class 12 Chemistry NCERT Solutions for better clarification.

You can also solve the previous year question papers and sample papers. Solving the previous year question paper will help you to know the types of questions asked in the examination and the pattern of the examination.


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