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Most Important Latest Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Top GK Questions Answers

Most Important Latest Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Top GK Questions Answers

Most Important Latest Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Top GK Questions Answers: Hello Readers.
Today we have updated this new post on latest very hot topic i.e. “Cryptocurrency Market” and the important questions answers about this topic.

As we all know the Cryptocurrency is very hot topic in these days and also this will be for many upcoming days. Many economics expert says that Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future world and thus it also have a very big impact on current financial and economical system of the world where we use physical currency for all financial and legal tenders.

We choose this topic due to the popularity of Cryptocurrency around us and News worldwide.

So lets start to read some important questions answers on Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin.

Question (1) What do you mean by the cryptocurrencies?
Answer: Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currencies that uses cryptography to secure its transactions for financial transactions between 2 persons.

Question (2) Who invented the first cryptocurrencies named ‘Bitcoin’?
Answer: First cryptocurrencies was created by individual known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Question (3) What do you mean by blockchain in cryptocurrencies world?
Answer: Blockchain is a list of records those are continuously growing and they linked and secured using cryptography technology.

Question (4) What is the Mining in cryptocurrencies?
Answer: Mining is a validation of transactions done by individual and each successful miners obtain new cryptocurrency as a reward.

Question (5) What are the cryptocurrency wallets?
Answer: Cryptocurrency wallets are digital addresses which can be used to receive or spend the cryptocurrency.

Question (6) How many cryptocurrencies are listed on coin market?
Answer: More then 1,384 till January 2018.

Question (7) What are the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies in the world?
Answer: More then 600 billion US-$ as Last December 2017.

Question (8) The cryptocurrency index CRIX was developed by whom?
Answer: In 2016 by the statisticians at Humboldt University of Berlin, Singapore Management University and the enterprise CoinGecko.

Question (9) What is the transaction fees in cryptocurrency transfering process?
Answer: Its depends on supply of network capacity at the time and some cryptocurrency exchanges takes charges according to there own fees structure.

Question (10) Where the first bitcoin ATM was installed?
Answer: In the United States on February 20, 2014.

Question (11) What are the Cryptocurrency exchanges?
Answer: Cryptocurrency exchanges are businesses that allow customers to trade in cryptocurrencies and Buy & sale on nominal transactions fees.

Question (12) What are the top notable digital currency exchanges in the world?
Answer: in the UK.
CEX.IO in the UK.
BTCChina in the China.
Coincheck in the Japan.
Coinfloor in the UK.

Question (13) What are the digital currency exchanges in the India?
Answer: ZebPay & UnoCoin Etc.

Question (14) What is the price of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency?
Answer: 1 Bitcoin price was 10,718 US-$ in Feb 17th 2018 and the price of any cryptocurrency change everytime.

Question (15) When the Coinbase company was founded?
Answer: 2012 in San Francisco, California. This is wallet provider and bitcoin exchange.

Question (16) When the Cryptocurrency news provider company ‘Coinbase’ founded?
Answer: In May 2013 at New York, U.S. by Shakil Khan.

Question (17) What is about the Zebpay App people using in India?
Answer: This is app which enabled cryptocurrency wallet and trade on cryptocurrencies. ZebPay is the India’s first cryptocurrency exchange company.

Question (18) Is the cryptocurrencies are legal tendor in the India?
Answer: Cryptocurrency are not legal tender in India yet (1st July, 2018).

Question (19) Why the all cryptocurrencies are not same as physical currencies?
Answer: Cryptocurrency does not like as physical currencies even they are in digital form but main reason is, there is no any involvement of banks and government in cryptocurrencies transactions.

Question (20) Why the cryptocurrencies prices are change many times?
Answer: All cryptocurrencies works on special software, algorithm, technology in use, bit on cryptocurrency by people, usages of cryptocurrency around the world and mining of cryptocurrencies.

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