Important Examination Notes Physics Top 50 Notes

Important Examination Notes Physics Top 50 Notes

Here is Important Examination Notes Physics Top 50 Notes and science notes. We have include the main points of physics and Science Notes in this post below. Read all these notes about science and physics and increase your GK.

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(1)  Ampere-hour is the unit of the amount of charge.

(2)  Fermi energy of the electron is called as absolute zero.

(3)  Image formed on the retina of a human eye by real and inverted.

(4)  Resistance of material increases with temperature, that is Metal.

(5)  All the magnetic materials lose their magnetic properties when strongly heated.

(6)  Australia has the world’s largest reserves of Uranium.

(7)  By parallel to the axis the magnetic field lines in the middle of a solenoid.

(8)  Electricians use rubber gloves while working because rubber is an insulator.

(9)  At the -40 degree Celsius, temperature are the temperature on Celsius and Fahrenheit scales equal.

(10)  Ball pen works on the principle of Capillarity and surface tension.

(11)  Concave mirror is to be used to obtain a parallel beam of light from a small lamp.

(12)  Einstein got the Nobel prize for Photo-electric effect.

(13)  Absorption of radio waves by the atmosphere depends on their frequency.

(14)  Radio wave of constant amplitude can be generated with Oscillator.

(15)  Filter is the electrical circuit used to get smooth DC output from a rectifier circuit called.

 (16)  Angular separation between two colors of the spectrum depends upon Angle of deviation.

(17)  Cylindrical lens is used to remove astigmatism for a human eye.

(18)  If a proton of mass is moving with the velocity of light, its mass will be Infinite.

(19)  Soft iron is the most suitable for the core of an electromagnet.

(20)  At a grid sub stations the voltage is stepped up to reduce loss of Power.

(21)  If two electron beams are traveling parallel to each other, so their reactions will be Repel each other.

(22)  Capacitor is used to store the electric charge.

(23)  When an ebonite rod is rubbed with fur, positive charge acquired by the fur.

(24)  At the Curie temperature a ferromagnetic material becomes paramagnetic.

(25)  At magnetic pole time period in a vibration magnetometer will be infinite.

(26)  Iron is commonly used for making an electromagnet.

(27)  Protons and electrons are the fundamental particles present in equal numbers in neutral atoms.

(28)  A virtual image larger than the object can be formed by Concave mirror.

(29)  Dispersion is the phenomenon of splitting white light into seven colors.

(30)  Critical angle is minimum when a light ray passes Glass to air.

(31) In Choroid lies the pigment, which decides the color of the eyes of a person.

(32) In the violet color critical angle of light passing from glass to water is minimum.

(33)  A magnetic fields is used to produce deflection in a television picture tube.

(34)  The electron emitted in beta radiation originates from Inner orbits of atoms.

(35)  Einstein’s mass energy relation is given by E = mc2 expression.

(36)  Fire in the diesel engine is produces by Compression.

(37)  Galvanometer can be converted into a voltmeter by using High resistance in series.

(38)  Neutrons can be added to the nucleus of an atom without changing its chemical properties.

(39)  Positron has similar mass to that of the electron.

(40) To an observer on the lunar surface during the day time, sky will appear as black.

(41)  The I.C Chip used in a computer is made up of Silicon.

(42)  Blue and red light are strongly absorbed by plants.

(43)  Electric potential at the center of a charged conductor is same as on the surface.

(44)  The weight of a body is Maximum at the poles.

(45)  Due to nuclear fusion, the energy is continuously generated in the sun.

(46)  If there were no atmosphere, the length of the day on the earth will be decrease.

(47)  For an astronaut in a space ship, the sky appear as black.

(48)  Total internal reflection phenomena is used in optical fibers.

(49)  Cathode rays deflect in electric field.

(50)  The north pole of the earth’s magnet is near the south geographical direction.

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