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Uttarakhand Group C Examination | Important Questions Answers For 2022

Important Questions for Group C Examination 2022

Group – C Examinations of state play a very important role in the administration of state government because thousands of employees are working in different departments like; Water, Electricity, Transport, Police, Travel and much more departments of any state government and the Group – C employees play a big role each day by there efforts of overall success of state government all works. This section of Important Questions for Group C Examination 2022 includes those questions which is very helpful for your preparations.

For the upcoming Examinations Group C, we have updated the 50 Important Questions for Group-C Examination Preparations for you. So you can make better preparations for the Group C examinations 2022.

Read Now these Important GK.
Good Luck for Uttarakhand Group-C Examinations in 2022

Question No (1) Date and Time are available on the desktop at _ .
(A) Keyboard,
(B) Recycle Bin,
(C) My Computer,
(D) Task bar
Ans:- D

Question No (2) Printed information, called , exists physically and is a more permanent form of output than that presented on a-display device-
(A) soft copy,
(B) carbon copy,
(C) hard copy,
(D) desk copy
Ans:- C

Question No (3) What do you need to put your web pages on the www-
(A) a connection to internet,
(B) a web browser,
(C) a web server,
(D) all of the above
Ans:- D

Question No (4) How many districts are there in Uttarakhand
(A) 10,
(B) 12,
(C) 13,
(D) 15
Ans:- C

Question No (5) Where is the Sahastradhara water fall-
(A) Badri Nath,
(B) Mussoorie,
(C) Pithoragarh,
(D) Kedar-Nath
Ans:- B

Question No (6) Where did the Chipko Movement start-
(A) Uttar Pradesh,
(B) Madhya Pradesh,
(C) Bihar,
(D) Uttarakhand
Ans:- D

Question No (7) Which is the first country to give the right to vote to women-
(A) India,
(B) America,
(C) China,
(D) England
Ans:- B

Question No (8) Who is the author of the book ‘Das Kapital’-
(A) Lenin,
(B) Stalin,
(C) Karl Marx,
(D) Trotsky
Ans:- C

Question No (9) Who has given scarcity definition of economics
(A) Adam Smith,
(B) Marshall,
(C) Robbins,
(D) Robertson
Ans:- C

Question No (10) Which theory is generally included under micro economics-
(A) Price Theory,
(B) Income Theory,
(C) Employment Theory,
(D) None of the above
Ans:- A

Question No (11) Passive factor of production is-
(A) Only land,
(B) Only capital,
(C) Both land and capital,
(D) Neither land nor capital
Ans:- C

Question No (12) Which of the following is an active factor of production-
(A) Land,
(B) Labour,
(C) Capital,
(D) Organisation
Ans:- B

Question No (13) Kabul is a town in-
(A) Pakistan,
(B) Nepal,
(C) Bhutan,
(D) Bangladesh,
(E) Afghanistan
Ans:- E

Question No (14) Which of the following days was proclaimed ‘International Literacy Day’ by UNESCO-
(A) 8th September,
(B) 18th September,
(C) 18th October,
(D) 8th October,
(E) 28th November
Ans:- A

Question No (15) In which of the following states alluvial soil is very scanty-
(A) Punjab,
(B) Madhya Pradesh,
(C) Tamil Nadu,
(D) Bihar
Ans:- C

Question No (16) “Regional geography is core of geography.” The statement is given by-
(A) Dickinson,
(B) Hartshorne,
(C) Blache,
(D) Herbertson
Ans:- C

Question No (17) Which of the following is a metal-
(A) Chlorine,
(B) Zinc,
(C) Neon,
(D) Iodine,
(E) Hydrogen
Ans:- D

Question No (18) Which of the following days was proclaimed ‘International Literacy Day’ by UNESCO-
(A) 8th September,
(B) 18th September,
(C) 18th October,
(D) 8th October,
(E) 28th November
Ans:- A

Question No (19) Which is not online Indian Matrimonial website-
(A) jeevansathi.com,
(B) bharatmatrimony.com,
(C) u.k.singlemuslim.com,
(D) google.com
Ans:- C

Question No (20) Text in a column is generally aligned _ .
(A) justified,
(B) right,
(C) centre,
(D) left
Ans:- D

उत्‍तराखण्‍ड की डी०एल०एड० (D.El.Ed.) परीक्षा 2022 हेतु आवेदन कैसे करें?

Question No (21) Back up of the data files will help to prevent _ .
(A) loss of confidentiality,
(B) duplication of data,
(C) loss of data,
(D) virus infection
Ans:- C

Question No (22) The 2001-2011 decade increase in the population of Uttarakhand is-
(A) 20%,
(B) 19.5%,
(C) 19.17%,
(D) 19 %
Ans:- C

Question No (23) The cultivated land in Uttarakhand is-
(A) 10.5%,
(B) 12.5%,
(C) 13.5%,
(D) 14.5%
Ans:- B

Question No (24) At which place does the Ganga enter the plains area-
(A) Haridwar,
(B) Dehradun,
(C) Moradabad,
(D) Garh-Mukteshwar
Ans:- A

Question No (25) The density of population of Uttarakhand according to 2011 is-
(A) 150,
(B) 189,
(C) 160,
(D) 161
Ans:- B

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