Bank Exams GK Economics GK GK Questions Important Question for SSC 2022

Indian Economy Notes for Civil Services, SSC, Banks

Indian Economy Notes for Civil Services, SSC and Bank Examinations

Indian Economy Notes for Civil Services SSC Banks: Dear Reader’s the below all 50 notes of different sections of Indian economy is very interested facts and highly important for the upcoming examinations of SSC, UPSC, BANK EXAMS and CIVIL SERVICES EXAMS. So learn all of these very important Questions of Indian Economy Government Examinations and Group C also.

This includes Banking Awareness Questions and Answers & all of these questions are important for competitive examinations in the country.

Question (1) What is the mean of Invisible Export?
Ans:- Export Services.

Question (2) Of which purpose was Nationalization of banks done?
Ans:- Consolidating the economy.

Question (3) Who was the author of the chapter on “Objectives of Planned Development” for the Third Five Year Plan?
Ans:- Morarji Desai.

Question (4) The performance of which industry is considered performance of the core industry?
Ans:- Oil and Petroleum.

Question (5) Among Indian Economists who had done pioneering work on National Income?
Ans:- V. K. R. V. Rao.

Question (6) From which sector is the largest contribution in India’s National Income?
Ans:- Tertiary sector.

Question (7) The highest-weight in the revised Whole Sale Price Index, implemented from September 2010 is given to which item?
Ans:- Food items.

Question (8) Which body finalizes the Five Year Plan proposals?
Ans:- National Development Council.

Question (9) Which Mahatma Gandhi series of currency notes issued by the RBI has “ecology” depicted on it?
Ans:- Rs. 100

Question (10) Who are Debenture holders of a company?
Ans:- Its creditors.

Question (11) What is the basic attribute of a formal organization?
Ans:- Rules and regulations.

Question (12) In recent years, how have the capital outlays for the defence service?
Ans:- Increasing steadily.

Question (13) Which tax is not levied by the Union Government?
Ans:- Profession Tax.

Question (14) CENVAT is associated with which rate?
Ans:- Rate of indirect tax.

Question (15) What does National income ignore?
Ans:- Salary of employees.

Question (16) What is the main source of fund for the National Highway Authority of India?
Ans:- Cess.

Question (17) Which organizations agency is involved in drafting the Union Budget of India?
Ans:- Administrative Ministries only.

Question (18) Which agency has the power to declare any industrial unit as a potentially sick unit?
Ans:- BIFR.

Question (19) In five year plan the actual growth performance in India in respect of GDP (at factor cost) was less than the target set?
Ans:- Ninth five year plan.

Question (20) In India, in which sector was the co-operative movement initiated?
Ans:- Agricultural credit.

Question (21) How is Indian economy?
Ans:- Mixed economy.

Question (22) Which is the biggest Public Sector undertaking in the country?
Ans:- Railways.

Question (23) Which committee was assigned to recommend reforms in the insurance sector?
Ans:- Malhotra Committee.

Question (24) What percentage of country’s demand for natural rubber is met by in indigenous production?
Ans:- 97%.

Question (25) In India, which is regulated by the forward Markets Commission?
Ans:- Commodities Futures Trading.

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