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Know About Mirage-2000 Fighter Jet | GK About Balakot

Know About Mirage-2000 Fighter Jet | GK About Balakot |

Mirage-2000 Key Points:

  1. Mirage-2000 fighter jets is made by Dassault Aviation, the French company.
  2. The Mirage-2000 uses a single shaft engine.
  3. The engine was first tested in 1970.
  4. Mirage was first commissioned in 1985 (IAF).
  5. Mirage is also known as – Vajra.
  6. Mirage was developed by Dassault Aviation.
  7. Mirage took its first flight in 1978.
  8. Mirage was inducted in the French Air Force in year 1984.
  9. The Mirage-2000 played a decisive role in the 1999 war of Kargil and turned it in India’s favour.
  10. The Mirage is ideally designed to seat a single fighter pilot, but can be made into a twin-seat jet depending on the armed forces’ requirements.
  11. It has a length of 47 ft and Span is 29.9 ft.
  12. The plane weighs 7500 kg (dry) and has a total takeoff weight of 17000 kg.
  13. The Mirage 2000 has a maximum speed of Mach 2.2 (2336 kmph) and can travel 1550 km with drop tanks.
  14. The flight height is capped at 59000 ft (17km).
  15. Mirage 2000 can carry laser guided bombs, air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles and has a Thomson-CSF RDY (Radar Doppler Multi-target) radar on board.
  16. Apart from India, Dassault sold the Mirage 2000 to 8 other countries(France, Egypt, UAE, Peru, Taiwan, Peru, Greece and Brazil).
  17. Brazil has retired the Mirage 2000 and other counties are still using this jet.
  18. Total 583 Mirage-2000 fighter jets were built over a course of 30 years.

Now Know About Balakot:-

  1. Balakot is district in Pakistan and now in news since 26 February 2019. Here is some key points about Balakot:
  2. Balakot is a town in Mansehra District in Pakistan.
  3. Balakot is located on the right bank of the Kunhar River.
  4. The Balakot town was completely destroyed in a destructive earthquake on 8 October 2005.
  5. The WikiLeaks had leaked several documents in which it had indicated that Balakot has had several terror training camps where Jihadis are trained to conduct terrorist strikes in US and other countries.
  6. The Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist group used this area to operate there activities.
  7. The terror camp in Balakot which was destroyed by Indian Air Force (IAF) in 26 February 2018 between 3 to 4 am was located 20 kms from Balakot town.

Note: Information Source is Wikipedia articles.



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