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Most Important GK Questions Answers For Government Examinations For 2021

Most Important GK Questions Answers For Government Examinations In 2021-22

Here in this post we have updated the Most Important GK Questions Answers For Government Examinations like State and Central Exams.
These questions are very important for SSC, CDS, IAS, PCS, Railway, Forest Guard, Bank Clerk and PO, CA, State level exams and so more even asked in the interview when you face for job anywhere.

Most Important GK questions answers for Government Examinations

Most Important GK questions answers for Government Examinations – GKQUESTIONBANK

So read now and keep increasing your knowledge bank with us.

Question No. (1) The term “Bulls Eye” is associated with which of the following Sports?
a) Badminton,
b) Boxing,
c) Shooting,
d) Cricket
Answer:-  Shooting.

Question No. (2) Which was the first non-Arab state to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1975?
a) India,
b) Israel,
c) China,
d) USA
Answer:- India

Question No. (3) Which country lower house of Parliament is called Wolesi Jirga?
a) Russia,
b) Afghanistan,
c) Japan,
d) Pakistan
Answer:- Afghanistan.

Question No. (4) Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was arrested for electoral fraud recently. She was the President of which of the following countries from 2001 to 2010?
a) Singapore,
b) Philippines,
c) Venezuela,
d) Honduras
Answer:- Philippines.

Question No (5) China unveiled a maglev train capable of a top speed of _____?
a) 700 kph or 472 mph,
b) 600 kph or 372 mph,
c) 500 kph or 250 mph,
d) 400 kph or 299 mph

Answer:- 600 kph or 372 mph.

Question No. (6) Which of the following is an extra-constitutional and non-statutory body?
a) Election Commission,
b) Finance Commission,
c) Planning Commission,
d) Union Public Service Commission
Answer:-  Planning Commission.

Question No. (7) Which one among the following formulates the fiscal policy in India?
a) Planning Commission,
b) Finance Commission,
c) The Reserve Bank of India,
d) Ministry of Finance
Answer:- Ministry of Finance.

Question No. (8) 2032 Olympics and Paralympics will be hosted in which country?
a) Australia,
b) India,
c) China,
d) Japan
Answer:-  Australia.

Question No. (9) Which of the following approves the draft of the Five Year Plans?
a) Planning Commission,
b) National Innovation Council,
c) National Development Council,
d) Finance Commission
Answer:-  National Development Council.

Question No. (10) As per the latest data, which among the following is the nearest figure to the average population of India per bank branch?
a) 8,000,
b) 13,000,
c) 18,000,
d) 21,000
Answer:- 13,000.

Question No. (11) Putrajaya is the administrative capital of which of the following countries?
a) Malaysia,
b) Indonesia,
c) Sri Lanka,
d) Nepal
Answer:-  Malaysia.

Question No. (12) The Doing Business Report (DBR) is released every year by which of the following institutions?
a) IMF,
b) World Bank,
c) WTO,
d) ADB
Answer:-  World Bank.

Question No. (13) How many key infrastructure sectors are known as Core sector in India Economy used for Index of Industrial Production (IIP) data?
a) Six,
b) Seven,
c) Eight,
d) Ten
Answer:-  Eight.

Question No. (14) Liverpool was removed from the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites on which date?
a) 23rd July 2021,
b) 22nd July 2021,
c) 21st July 2021,
d) 29th July 2021
Answer:-  21st July 2021.

Question No. (15) Which among the following decides the Saving Banks Account Interest Rate in India?
a) Ministry of Finance,
b) Reserve Bank of India,
c) Indian Banks Association (IBA),
d) Banks themselves
Answer:-  Banks themselves.

Question No. (16) Which of the following is/are considered as allied agricultural activity?
a) Poultry,
b) Fisheries,
c) Dairy,
d) All the above
Answer:- All the above.

Question No. (17) For which among the following criminal activities related to Business, tycoon Raj Rajaratnam was sent to jail recently?
a) Terrorist Funding,
b) Insider Trading,
c) Tax Evasion,
d) Hawala Transaction
Answer:-  Insider Trading.

Question No. (18) Which of the following banking terms is used to describe bad loans?
a) CBS,
b) NPA,
c) RTGS,
d) Prime Loans
Answer:- NPA.

Question No. (19) Which of the following countries is not a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)?
a) USA,
b) Australia,
c) Canada,
d) India
Answer:-  India.

Question No. (20) Which city hosted the 17th International Children’s Film Festival in November 2011?
a) Mumbai,
b) Bangalore,
c) Hyderabad,
d) New Delhi
Answer:- Hyderabad.

Question No. (21) Iron and steel industry started in India in the year?
a) 1855,
b) 1860,
c) 1865,
d) 1870
Answer:- 1870.

Question No. (22) What is the mainstay of Indian economy?
a) Manufacturing,
b) Business,
c) Public sector,
d) Agriculture
Answer:- Agriculture.

Question No. (23) Who among the following is the winner of 26th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration?
a) Anil Kakodkar,
b) Amjad Ali Khan,
c) Mohan Dharia,
d) Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati
Answer:- Mohan Dharia.

Question No. (24) Reserve bank of India was established on?
a) 1st April, 1935,
b) 1st April, 1936,
c) 1st April, 1937,
d) 1st April, 1938
Answer:- 1st April, 1935.

Question No. (25) Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) observed the Raising Day on which date in 2021?
a) July 27,
b) July 25,
c) July 20,
d) July 30
Answer:- July 27.

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