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Question No (11) 75th round of National Sample Survey released by NSO on which date?
Answer: November 23, 2019.

Question No (12) In India the 50th Conference of Governors organized at where?
Answer: New Delhi.

Question No (13) Lachit Divas was celebrated on which date in Assam?
Answer: 24 November.

Question No (14) ‘MMA Amalgamations Business Leadership Award 2019’ won by whom?
Answer: Azim Premji.

Question No (15) IDBI Mutual Fund is to acquire by whom?
Answer: Muthoot Finance Ltd.

Question No (16) Munderwa Sugar Mill has been recently inaugurated in which Indian state?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh.

Question No (17) Poonch Link-up Day celebrated by the Indian Army on which date?
Answer: November 23.

Question No (18) What is India’s rank in 2019 Nomuras Food Vulnerability Index?
Answer: 44th.

Question No (19) 2019 edition of Manipur Sangai Festival was organized in which city?
Answer: Imphal.

Question No (20) World Athlete of the Year award won by whom in men’s category?
Answer: Eliud Kipchoge.

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