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Online Quiz Questions With Answers

Online Quiz Questions With Answers

Hey reader’s hope you are enjoying our site contains and this is best fit in your practices for your current and upcoming examinations. In this Post read the Online Quiz Questions With Answers.
We are sure that these questions will improve your knowledge. We collect these questions from the previous year’s papers of UPSC, SSC, IAS, PCS, Railway, Bank, Arm forces, BSF, Clerks LDC/UDC and all examinations concerned with state level as well as central level.

Now today here we are come with Online Quiz Questions With Answers and hope these questions make your knowledge better then today. So now just start giving the answers following questions and then match with the right answers as describe in the bottom of this post.

Question (1) Akbar had adopted the ‘Ray’ System of revenue assessment which he had abolished later on as part of his land revenue reforms. Who among the following had introduced the ray system ?
a) Alauddin Khilji,
b) Balban,
c) Iltutmish,
d) Sher Shah Suri

Question (2) Which among the following is the main feature of Dravida Style of Temple architecture?
a) Gopuram,
b) Garbha Griha,
c) Vimana & Shikhara,
d) Manastambha

Question (3) On which of the following systems of Hindu Philosophy, Shankaracharya wrote commentary in 9th century AD?
a) Sankhya,
b) Vaisheshika,
c) Yoga,
d) Uttarmimansa

Question (4) Which Mughal Emperor had put a ban on killing of animals in certain days?
a) Shah Jahan,
b) Akbar,
c) Darashikoh,
d) Jahangir

Question (5) Ustad Isa is related to the design and architecture of which of the following Buildings in Mughal Era?
a) Taj Mahal,
b) Buland Darwaza,
c) Red Fort (Agra),
d) Itimad-ud-daula’s tomb

Question (6) Hymns composed by which among the following rulers have been incorporated in Guru Grantha sahib of Sikhs?
a) Jaydev,
b) Swami Haridas,
c) Namdev,
d) Dhyaneshwar

Question (7) Which among the following Mughal emperors had prohibited smoking use of tobacco in 1617 AD?
a) Akbar,
b) Jahanagir,
c) ShahJahan,
d) Aurangzeb

Question (8) The decisive Battle of Chausa was fought between?
a) Babur & Rana Sanga,
b) Hemu Vikramaditya & Mughals,
c) Humayun & Sherkhan,
d) Aurangzeb & Dara Shikoh

Question (9) Who among the following was the religious guru of Shivaji?
a) Tukaram,
b) Eknath,
c) Jnaneshwar,
d) Ram Das

Question (10) The construction of the Delhi Iron Pillar, now located at the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque in New Delhi was constructed in which period?
a) Maurya,
b) Saatvahana,
c) Gupta,
d) Kushana

Question (11) In which among the following battles, artillery was used for the first time?
a) First Battle of Panipat,
b) Third Battle of Tarain,
c) First Battle of Khanwa,
d) Second Battle of Panipat

Question (12) Which among the following sites near Pondicherry gives best support to the view on an ancient trade between Rome and the ancient Tamil country of India?
a) Villianur,
b) Suttukeni,
c) Arikamedu,
d) Andiarpalayam

Question (13) ” Muazzama” was the title of which of the following Mughal Emperors?
a) Shah Alam II,
b) Mohammad Shah,
c) Bahadur Shah Zafar,
d) Jahandar Shah

Question (14) After the death of Aurangzeb , which of the following Mughals abolished jazia tax for the first time?
a) Jahandar Shah,
b) Rafi Ul Darjat,
c) Mohammad Shah Rangila,
d) Farrukhsiyar

Question (15) Who among the following are known as King Makers in Indian History?
a) Sayyid Brothers,
b) Hussain Brothers,
c) Hassan Family,
d) Tardi Begh

Question (16) Who among the following laid the foundation of Shalimar & Nishaat Garden in Kashmir?
a) Akbar,
b) Jahangir,
c) Shahjahan,
d) Nur Jahan

Question (17) Who among the following composed Ananga?
a) Kabir,
b) Gyaneshwar,
c) Tukaram,
d) Raidasa

Question (18) During the reign of Krishnadev Raya which of the following famous temples were built in Vijaynagar empire?
a) Hampi,
b) Hazura,
c) Belgaum,
d) None of them

Question (19) In which year, Raja Ram Mohan Roy established the “Atmiya Sabha” a precursor in the socio-religious reforms in Bengal?
a) 1812,
b) 1815,
c) 1823,
d) 1826

Question (20) The Homolographic projection has the correct representation of?
a) shape,
b) area,
c) baring,
d) distance

Question (21) The hazards of radiation belts include?
a) deterioration of electronic circuits,
b) damage of solar cells of spacecraft,
c) adverse effect on living organisms,
d) All of the above

Question (22) The intersecting lines drawn on maps and globes are?
a) latitudes,
b) longitudes,
c) geographic grids,
d) None of the above

Question (23) The light of distant stars is affected by?
a) the earth’s atmosphere,
b) interstellar dust,
c) both (a) and (b),
d) None of the above

Question (24) Without ____ the equator would be much hotter than it is while the poles would be much cooler?
a) latitudinal redistribution of heat,
b) cycle of air circulation,
c) global wind pattern,
d) All are similar terms

Question (25) Which of the following is tropical grassland?
a) Taiga,
b) Savannah,
c) Pampas,
d) Prairies

Question (26) The temperature increases rapidly after?
a) ionosphere,
b) exosphere,
c) stratosphere,
d) troposphere

Question (27) The groundwater can become confined between two impermeable layers. This type of enclosed water is called?
a) artesian,
b) artesian well,
c) unconfined groundwater,
d) confined groundwater

Question (28) The ionosphere includes?
a) mesosphere,
b) thermosphere,
c) thermosphere and exosphere,
d) thermosphere, exosphere and mesosphere

Question (29) The group of minerals chemically containing hydrocarbons is?
a) silicate group,
b) organic group,
c) oxide group,
d) hydride group

Question (30) The leading state in producing paper is?
a) Bihar,
b) West Bengal,
c) Kerala,
d) Orissa

Question (31) The largest gold producing country in the world (in 2006) is?
a) China,
b) Canada,
c) South Africa,
d) USA

Question (32) The least explosive type of volcano is called?
a) Basalt plateau,
b) Cinder cone,
c) Shield volcanoes,
d) Composite volcanoes

Question (33) The largest country of the world by geographical area is?
a) Russia,
b) Vatican City,
c) Australia,
d) USA

Question (34) The Himalayan mountain system belongs to which of the following?
a) Volcanic mountains,
b) Residual mountains,
c) Block mountains,
d) Fold mountains

Question (35) The highest mountains on earth namely Mount Everest, K2, Kanchenjanga are located in?
a) the greater Himalayas,
b) the Lesser Himalayas,
c) the outer Himalayas,
d) None of the above

Question (36) The latitude of a place expresses its angular position relative to the plane of?
a) axis of earth,
b) north pole,
c) south pole,
d) equator

Question (37) The initial increase of magnetic field in magnetic storms is caused?
a) when the shock wave, associated with the gusty solar wind, compresses the magnetosphere,
b) when there is a large decrease in field intensity,
c) when the gust wind itself engulfs the magnetosphere,
d) None of the above

Question (38) The Ice age ended about ____ years ago?
a) 140
b) 1,400
c) 14,000
d) 140,000

Question (39) The islands with coral covered surfaces in Bay of Bengal are?
a) Andaman islands,
b) Nicobar islands,
c) both (a) and (b),
d) None of the above

Question (40) Former Australian captain Mark Taylor has had several nicknames over his playing career. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
a) Tubby,
b) Stodge,
c) Helium Bat,
d) Stumpy

Question (41) which was the 1st non Test playing country to beat India in an international match?
a) Canada,
b) Sri Lanka,
c) Zimbabwe,
d) East Africa

Question (42) Track and field star Carl Lewis won how many gold medals at the 1984 Olympic Games?
a) Two,
b) Three,
c) Four,
d) Eight

Question (43) Which county did Ravi Shastri play for?
a) Glamorgan,
b) Leicestershire,
c) Gloucestershire,
d) Lancashire

Question (44) Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?
a) Geet Sethi,
b) Wilson Jones,
c) Michael Ferreira,
d) Manoj Kothari

Question (45) Who is the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold in 400m run?
a) M.L. Valsamma,
b) P.T. Usha,
c) Kamaljit Sandhu,
d) K. Malleshwari

Question (46) Which two counties did Kapil Dev play?
a) Northamptonshire & Worcestershire,
b) Northamptonshire & Warwickshire,
c) Nottinghamshire & Worcestershire,
d) Nottinghamshire & Warwickshire

Question (47) When was Amateur Athletics Federation of India established?
a) 1936,
b) 1946,
c) 1956,
d) 1966

Question (48) How long are professional Golf Tour players allotted per shot?
a) 45 seconds,
b) 25 seconds,
c) 1 minute,
d) 2 minutes

Question (49) Ricky Ponting is also known as what?
a) The Rickster,
b) Ponts,
c) Ponter,
d) Punter

Question (50) Who did Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle at the 1998 edition of “Over the Edge”?
a) Cactus Jack,
b) Mankind,
c) Dude Love,
d) Mick Foley


(1) a,    (2) c,    (3) d,    (4) b,    (5) a,    (6) a,    (7) b,    (8) c,    (9) d,    (10) c,    (11) a,

(12) c,    (13) c,    (14) a,    (15) a,    (16) a,    (17) b,    (18) b,    (19) b,    (20) b,    (21) d,

(22) c,    (23) c,    (24) d,    (25) b,    (26) a,    (27) a,    (28) c,    (29) b,    (30) b,    (31) c,

(32) a,    (33) a,    (34) d,    (35) a,    (36) d,    (37) a,    (38) c,    (39) b,    (40) d,    (41) b,

(42) c,    (43) a,    (44) b,    (45) c,    (46) a,    (47) b,    (48) a,    (49) d,    (50) c

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