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GK Quiz Questions and Answers of United States of America

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American General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz Questions and Answers of United States of America

Quiz Questions and Answers of United States of America

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This post is Quiz type Questions Answers. We have given the Most Important and General Awareness Type Questions in this Online Quiz Test Related to United States of America. We have concludes questions of United States which contents History Questions, Geography Questions, Political Questions, Current GK Questions, Science Questions and General Awareness Questions of United States in this Online Quiz of U.S.

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1. First successful English Colony in United States was 'Jamestown'. It was established in which year?
2. Between Canada and Mexico, how many states of the United States are located?
3. What is the capital of western U.S. State 'Colorado'?
4. United States Presidential Election of 2016 was held on which date?
5. What was the duration of American Revolution war also called United States War of Independence?
6. Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. was happened on which date?
7. Which bank was the first bank of the United States?
8. Which animal is the National Animal of U.S.?
9. Which is the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in US history?
10. Which is the smallest state (in terms of area) in the United States?
11. According to Land Area which state is largest in the United States?
12. United States of America was known as which name before September 9, 1776?
13. According to area 'Ohio' stands on which position in the United States?
14. Who was the 23rd president of the United States?
15. What is the total length of Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Virginia, United States?
16. Which place is hottest in the United States?
17. Alaska is the largest state in which country?
18. Who was the Confederate President of United States during Civil War?
19. Which State was the last state entered in the Union of United States?
20. 'Lake Superior' is the largest lake by area in the United States. What is the area of this lake?
21. Berkeley is the city in United States. In which state the 'Berkeley' lies?
22. Who was the first American Astronaut to land on surface of the Moon?
23. Which was the first spaceflight that landed humans on the Moon?
24. Which war is considered as the turning point of the American Revolution in 1777?
25. The American Civil War was a civil war in the United States between which years?
26. American most visible Spokesperson, Christian minister and Activist "Martin Luther King, Jr." was born in which date?
27. Oroville Dam is situated on which river in the United States?
28. Martin Luthe King, Jr., had won which prize for his efforts to achieve equality of the races?
29. In the US, which was the first successful English Colony established in 1607?
30. Spanish-American War fought between United States and Spain in which year?
31. Plains Wars was the series of conflicts from the early 1850s through the late 1870s between United States and whom?
32. 'Statue of Liberty' was gifted by which nation to the United States?
33. 'Lake Superior' is the largest lake by area (82,103 Sq. Km) in which country of North America?
34. Height of the Hoover Dam in Nevada is 221.4m. When was this Dam constructed?
35. American navigation satellite 'USA-190' was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in which year?
36. 'Indianapolis' is the state capital of which U.S. State?
37. Who served as 3rd president of the United States?
38. Which Explorer is considered as the discoverer of United States?
39. 'Pearl Harbor attack' surprise aerial attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor by Japanese on which date?
40. Warren City lies in which state of the United States?
41. Tallahassee is the state capital of which state in the United States?
42. United States Congress is consists of how many chambers?
43. 'President Franklin Delano Roosevelt' was the longest serving president of which country?
44. American multinational corporation and technology company 'Intel Corporation' is located at where?
45. What is the total length of Manchac Swamp Bridge in the U.S. state of Louisiana?
46. Which bridge is the longest in the United States?
47. Olympia is the capital of the which U.S. State?
48. "War of 1812" conflict fought between the United States and whom?
49. American space agency NASA headquarters is located at where?
50. 'Explorer 1' was the first successful Satellite of United States launched into the Earth's orbit on which date?

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