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Reasoning Questions Set 1 Very Easy Reasoning Questions

Reasoning Questions Set 1 Easy Questions

This section will make you interact with the basic concept of reasoning questions solutions and what is the best answers for any reasoning question.

Question (1) Which one of the following questions is ‘problem-oriented’ –
A.  What would happen if all the vegetation of the earth were destroyed?
B.  What were the result of Maratha policy of Aurangzeb?
C.  Which are the main food grain crops of Bihar?
D.  What are the cotton clothes made from?
Answer:- A.

Question (2) Which of the following does not come under regular education-
A.  School,
B.  Library,
C.  Religion,
D.  None of these
Answer:- C.

Question (3) A piece of cloth is worth Rs. 70. If the piece of cloth was 4 meter longer and the price was Rs. 2 less per meter then the price of cloth would have been the same. What is the length of the cloth-
A.   8 meter,
B.   9 meter,
C.  10 meter,
D.  12 meter
Answer:- C.

Question (4) Which of the following statements is the most correct-
A.  She/he who does researches can also become a good teacher,
B.  She/he who does nothing except teaching in the class can become a good teacher,
C.  A good teacher can become only that person who prefers action research to teaching,
D.  All of these
Answer:- D.

Question (5) In a class, a student asks a question from the teacher whose answer is not known to the teacher and he does not answer the question. What would be the impact of this incident on students-
A.  Nothing,
B.  They would understand that the question was out of context,
C.  They would make fun of the student who had asked the question,
D.  They would understand that the teacher does not know the answer of that question.
Answer:- D.

Question (6) The disease caused by deficiency of protein is known as-
A.  Malaria,
B.  Hepatitis,
C.  Typhoid,
D.  Kwashiorkor
Answer:- D.

Question (7) What is the resultant loss due to the habit of cramming-
A.  The intelligence is made blunt,
B.  One does not take an interest in reading anything beyond the curriculum,
C.  The process of genuine contemplation is obstructed,
D.  The personality is not developed in the right manner
Answer:- C.

Question (8) B is husband of C. A is sister of B. D is sister of C. What relation D shares with B-
A.  Sister-in-law,
B.  Mother-in-law,
C.  Son,
D.  Aunt
Answer:- A.

Question (9) Some teachers give tuitions. In your opinion what is the reason for this-
A.  They get ample opportunities to revise the subject matter being studied (through giving tuitions),
B.  Tuitions keep them busy in a useful manner,
C.  They are always involved in earning more money,
D.  They nurture intense feelings of welfare of students.
Answer:- B.

Question (10) Which institution is responsible for the spread of university education, coordination and maintenance of standards of education in universities-
B.  UGC,
C.  Education Advisory Board,
D.  The Ministry of Education
Answer:- B.

Question (11) The greatest advantage of programmed instructions is that student-
A.  Can gain knowledge here without the help of the teacher through self study,
B.  Is guided here by reinforcement,
C.  Does not have to think here what he has to do further,
D.  None of these
Answer:- A.

Question (12) The correct meaning of the curriculum is-
A.  A collection of all the curricular activities,
B.  A collection of all those experiences that the school wants children to imbibe,
C.  A collection of the compulsory and optional subjects,
D.  A collection of the study materials by memorizing which, students can pass in their (respective) classes
Answer:- B.

Question (13) Branch of Science in which species of organisms are identified, classified and categorized is known as-
A.  Taxonomy,
B.  Ecology,
C.  Genetics,
D.  Biology
Answer:- A.

Question (14) If P, Q, R and S are four serial wise months, in which P and S months have 30 days, which month is  S-
A.  April,
B.  June,
C.  September,
D.  November
Answer:- C.

Question (15) Student’s self governance means-
A.  To give full freedom to students in the class,
B.  Student’s council elected by the students themselves which works for the development of students under the supervision of the Principal,
C.  Student’s participation in the school administration,
D.  None of these
Answer:- B.

Question (16) If COMPUTER is written as RFUVQNPC in code language, then in the same language for which word the code will be EOJOJEFM-
A.  Medicate,
B.  Medition,
C.  Madefore,
D.  Medicine
Answer:- D.

Question (17) Which of the Bloom’s teaching objectives is achieved first-
A.  Knowledge ability,
B.  Emotional,
C.  Activity,
D.  Cannot be decided
Answer:- C.

Question (18) Jaya is climbing a ladder. She was on the 15th step from the bottom. After coming 4 steps down she was on the 16th step from the top. How many steps were there in the ladder-
A.  25,
B.  28,
C.  30,
D.  None of these
Answer:- D.

Question (19) While preparing lesson plan for the class, what should be kept by the teacher in view as a major decisive factor-
A.  The average student of the class should also be benefited from the lesson plan,
B.  Objectives of teaching are achieved,
C.  The aims of the curriculum should be achieved,
D.  All of these
Answer:- D.

Question (20) ‘Friday’ is related with ‘Monday’ as____is related with ‘Friday’-
A.  Sunday,
B.  Saturday,
C.  Tuesday,
D.  Wednesday
Answer:- C.

Question (21) Which word does NOT belong with the others?
A. Leopard,
B. Cougar,
C. Elephant,
D. Lion
Answer:- C.

Question (22) Which word does NOT belong with the others?
A. Couch,
B. Rug,
C. Table,
D. Chair
Answer:- B

Question (23) Which word does NOT belong with the others?
A. Tape,
B. Twine,
C. Cord,
D. Yarn
Answer:- A

Question (24) Which word does NOT belong with the others?
A. Guitar,
B. Flute,
C. Violin,
D. Cello
Answer:- B

Question (25) Which word does NOT belong with the others?
A. Tulip,
B. Rose,
C. Bud,
D. Daisy
Answer:- C

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