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Uttarakhand Samiksha Adhikari | General Knowledge Important Questions For 2022

Samiksha Adhikari General Knowledge Important Questions For 2022

Dear readers here in this post we update the main questions asked in many previous papers of Uttarakhand Group-C and Samiksha Adhikari 2008-2015 are – Samiksha Adhikari general knowledge important questions, so read each of the questions of GK below and sure this will increase your general knowledge and improve the skills in GK 2022.

Question – (1) The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated on?
(A) 10th December,
(B) 24th October,
(C) 19th November,
(D) 3rd December
Answer – D

Question – (2) Which of the following States has agricultural area less than 60 per cent?
(A) West Bengal,
(B) Punjab,
(C) Uttar Pradesh,
(D) Bihar
Answer – D

Question – (3) Who among the following was the Gold Medal winner in the 17th Asian Games Men’s Free-style 65 kg Wrestling?
(A) Jittu Rai,
(B) Sandeep Kumar,
(C) Rajat Chauhan,
(D) Yogeshwar Dutt
Answer – D

Question – (4) Which country has the largest coastline?
(A) USA,
(B) Australia,
(C) Canada,
(D) India
Answer – C

Question – (5) The largest producer of aluminum in the world is?
(A) France,
(B) India,
(C) USA,
(D) Italy
Answer – C

Question – (6) Which is the largest metal trading center?
(A) Johannesburg,
(B) New York,
(C) London,
(D) Singapore
Answer – C

Question – (7) The oldest oilfield in India is?
(A) Bombay High, Maharashtra
(B) Ankleshwar, Gujarat
(C) Navagam, Gujarat
(D) Digboi, Assam
Answer – D

Question – (8) In India, ‘Yarlung Zangbo River’ is known as?
(A) Ganga,
(B) Indus,
(C) Brahmaputra,
(D) Mahanadi
Answer – C

Question – (9) Which award is given for excellence in sports?
(A) Jamnalal Bajaj Award,
(B) Arjuna Award,
(C) Tagore Award,
(D) Moortidevi Award
Answer – B

Question – (10) ‘Prince of Wales Cup’ is associated with the game of?
(A) Hockey,
(B) Cricket,
(C) Football,
(D) Golf
Answer – D

Question – (11) Gautama Buddha gave his first sermon at?
(A) Vaishali,
(B) Kaushambi,
(C) Sarnath,
(D) Pawapuri
Answer – C

Question – (12) Who is called ‘the Napoleon of Ancient India’?
(A) Chandragupta Maurya,
(B) Pushyamitra,
(C) Kanishka,
(D) Samudragupta
Answer – D

Question – (13) Which Chinese traveller visited India during Harshavardhana’s rules?
(A) Fa-Hien,
(B) Hiuen-Tsang,
(C) I-tsing,
(D) Taranath
Answer – B

Question – (14) What is ‘Dhai Din Ka Zhonpda’?
(A) Mosque,
(B) Temple,
(C) Saint’s hut,
(D) Tower
Answer – A

Question – (15) Who was the Governor-General of India in 1857?
(A) Wellesley,
(B) Dalhousie,
(C) Canning,
(D) Minto
Answer – C

Question – (16) Which among the following European Union countries is the first to officially recognize the State of Palestine?
(A) Sweden,
(B) Denmark,
(C) Norway,
(D) Italy
Answer – A

Question – (17) Which States has not identified tribal community?
(A) Maharashtra,
(B) Chhattisgarh,
(C) Haryana,
(D) Karnataka
Answer – C

Question – (18) Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is located at?
(A) Chandigarh,
(B) Bharatpur,
(C) Gurgaon,
(D) Gandhinagar
Answer – C

Question – (19) Which of the following lakes is situated in Bihar?
(A) Anupam Lake,
(B) Sambhar Lake,
(C) Sukhna Lake,
(D) Kama Lake
Answer – A

Question – (20) Who was the first Indian woman President of the Indian National Congress?
(A) Mrs. Annie Besant,
(B) Sucheta Kripalani,
(C) Sarojini Naidu,
(D) Indira Gandhi
Answer – C

Question – (21) Where did Madam Cama hoist the first tricolour flag in 1907?
(A) London,
(B) Paris,
(C) Moscow,
(D) Stuttgart
Answer – D

Question – (22) Who was the founder of Nalanda University?
(A) Chandragupta Vikramaditya,
(B) Kumargupta,
(C) Dharmapal,
(D) Pushyagupta
Answer – B

Question – (23) Where was the capital of Shivaji?
(A) Raigarh,
(B) Sindhudurg,
(C) Poona,
(D) Kolhapur
Answer – A

Question – (24) In which year was the Regulating Act passed?
(A) AD 1757,
(B) AD 1765,
(C) AD 1773,
(D) AD 1793
Answer – C

Question – (25) ‘Nagarjuna Sagar Multipurpose Project’ is on which river?
(A) Tapti,
(B) Kosi,
(C) Godavari,
(D) Krishna
Answer – D

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